At Clink, we know our responsibilities go beyond the walls of our hostels. We take our role in the local community, in the wider world and on our planet seriously, and this is the page where we’ll try to keep you up to date on what we’re doing.

Clink & the Environment

Everything we do at Clink is thought through to avoid creating waste and damaging our environment, whether that be social or economic. And in the process, we try to improve the quality of life at Clink for our guests and staff alike.

Clink Green Policy

  • We use energy saving bulbs
  • We have sensor lights in our corridors and bathrooms
  • We have push buttons in our shower
  • We have dual flush toilets
  • We recycle glass (and with a bar we have lots of bottles!)
  • We recycle paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, newspapers and cans
  • We recycle used printer cartridges
  • We recycle batteries
  • We re-use unwanted print-outs as scrap paper
  • We save paper by only printing what we really need (that’s why we love emails!)
  • We buy equipment in bulk so we reduce packaging and deliveries
  • We buy office supplies such as paper, envelopes… that are accredited “paper by nature”
  • We order as many supplies as possible locally to reduce transportation
  • We do not change towels in our private rooms every day, we ask guests to re-use them as much as possible
  • We encourage our staff to be responsible and to become green citizens