26 Jul 2013

Clink78 is the New Stay & Play Music Venue

Are you a fledgling band in desperate need of some back-up for your swift rise to stardom?  Well, Clink Hostels has come up with the ultimate way to support bands that have not much more than a packet of fags, a few guitar strings attached to a ropey old axe, and a battered old van, to tour their way around the UK, Europe, and possibly the world!

How it works

It’s a simple idea that stems from Clashbar’s promoter having worked for several years in the music industry, where she encountered many bands that could barely scrape a few pennies together for their next gig.  The opportunity to provide help and promotion seemed clear:  We could support up-coming bands by giving them a free bed for the night, as long as they pay for their keep by playing in our smartly refurbished bar, Clashbar.

Sounds like a fair deal?

There is even the opportunity of getting further discount on beds for bands playing other gigs in London town during their visit. While we have also been developing contacts with various other hostels around the UK so we can extend this service further; we aim to connect with hostels in Europe, Australia, the US, Iceland and the Nordic regions, to widen our reputation, build relationships and give bands even more of an opportunity to spread their sound.

Where you stay

Clink78 is a beautifully designed backpacker hostel in a former Magistrates’ courthouse on King’s Cross Road, which has friendly, straight-up staff who love their music and are keen to support all bands passing through.

Where you play

Clashbar, our small and friendly in-house bar, is situated in the basement of Clink78 and it’s where all the travellers gather after their long day exploring London town. In the evenings, our over-18 guests join in all the weekly events, but by far their favourite past-time (other than Beer Pong) is to listen to live or acoustic music.

Close to Clink78 and even nearer to Clink261 lies the Water Rats, the infamous live music venue where Bob Dylan played his first UK gig in 1962 and Oasis made their London debut in 1982.

Just the beginning

‘Stay & Play’ at Clashbar will give budding musicians the chance to play to a captive audience of fellow travellers and, who knows, maybe your band and Clashbar will one day go down in the records of rock history as the first place you played when you make it big!

So, while it can cost a lot of money to see some great bands play in London, one of the beauties of staying at Clink78 is that you can see some of these bands for free. In fact, thanks to our new Stay & Play deal, you can be an aspiring band touring the world on a shoe-string and, potentially, get free accommodation along the way.

We’re booking now for autumn 2013 so, if you’re interested in getting involved, please contact: nicky@clinkhostels.co.uk

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