La Guia de Londres para Mochileros

Our staff is as diverse as London itself: we’ve got backpackers and settlers, live-wires and layabouts, ravers and readers, London natives and recent arrivals, tight-fisted penny-pinchers and lavishly luxurious lords and ladies... so between us all, we’ve got recommendations, hints and tips for whatever you’re looking for in London (and Britain beyond). We’ve put every bit of our own love for this city into our Insider Guide to London, and it’s always growing. If there’s something you want us to write about, get in touch!

If you’ve been to London yourself and want to share your own London recommendations with others on our site, send us your reviews, essays, photos or videos, long or short, in English, or in whatever language you prefer. The more helpful and entertaining your content, the more chance you have of winning a free stay at Clink next time you come to London!

All the Clink London Guide content is under a Creative Commons Licence, so you can share it and republish it wherever you think it might help other people enjoy London, as long as you attribute the content to Clink Hostels and provide a link back to the relevant page(s) on our site.


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