ClashBAR takes its name and spirit from punk rockers The Clash, who stood trial in this very building back in 1978. It’s a uniquely cool, but friendly place for hostel guests.

ClashBAR is pure, unadulterated fun, frivolity and sonic joy, 7 nights a week. Head down for live music, DJ’s and parties. See you on the dance floor!

NB. ClashBar is for guests aged 18+

Great stay!! Thank you for a perfect stay, every thing was very clean and tidy. We were in a private room with a private restroom. Breakfast included, very active bar space and funny people, atmosfere was really nice.

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Once again, another great stay at clink!! Once again, another great stay at clink!! Great location, great atmosphere, fab staff- so friendly, welcoming and always willing to help.

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Clink78 has a great location The most important thing for someone who was for the first time in London like me is that Clink78 has a great location - 10 min from King’s Cross station, so I could easily get to the all attractions in the city. It was very clean considering the high volume of visitors that stayed here. Don’t miss the Courtroom - warm and quite place during the day, but this is the cinema room also, with a witty guy who plays the movies. :) I will always have memories of this place.

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Definitely would recommend staying here Very clean and comfortable hostel in a great location. The atmosphere was very fun and lively. Definitely would recommend staying here.

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We’ve come up with the ultimate way to support young bands touring their way around the UK: play at ClashBAR, and get a free bed for the night.

Sounds like a fair deal? We’ll also give bands who play at Clink78 a further discount on beds allowing them to play other gigs in London during their visit, and we’re working in partnership with hostels around the UK (and soon Europe, Australia, the US, Iceland and Scandinavia) so we can extend this service further. Not to be sniffed at, given how extortionately expensive touring can be for young musicians :)

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Opening Hours

Everyday 6pm - 2am

Drinks Menu

  • Drink(s) From
  • pints of beer £3.50
  • spirits + mixer £3.00
  • glass of wine £2.50
  • Drink(s) From
  • cocktails £5.00
  • shooters £2.80
  • mocktails £2.20

May Events

Need Help?

If you hate forms (and who doesn’t?) or if you want to talk to a human being (and who doesn’t?), then you can ring us on the following number:

+44 (0)20 7183 9400