Excitement is building here at Clink HQ. Things are really starting to take shape over at our new Amsterdam hostel, ClinkNOORD, and, quite frankly, that fills our little hearts with a whole lot of joy.

As most of you probably know by now, the building that we’ll be inhabiting is the old Royal Dutch Shell head office and laboratories, situated right on river’s edge and offering stunning views of the city. Taking on this historical building was no small feat. We wanted to be respectful of the building’s rich history and architectural merit whilst bringing it firmly into the 21st Century. Luckily, we’ve got some great young, local architects on board who share our vision – soon to be a reality!

We’re at the point in the build where ClinkNOORD is starting to look less like a building site and more like a proper hostel. Whilst some parts still look a bit messy, the remainder of the work is mostly superficial. We can’t wait until all the rendering goes on the walls and the flooring gets laid so that we can start injecting some real Clink personality into the building.

We wanted to share some recent snaps of the work that’s underway and shed some light onto what to expect from each of the areas.

Our reception area is really starting to take shape. You can see the circular base where the Catalyst Café and reception will be built.


The basement area is prepped and ready to house ZincBAR and the self-catering kitchen


Looking down on the atrium just before the glass roof gets fitted.

Soon to be the entrance hall where all our travelers and backpackers will arrive.

One of the many corridors lined with room entrances. 

Progress on the basement communal areas is coming along nicely too.