Have you ever wondered what happens to all the stuff you leave behind while travelling?

Different companies do different things, but we use them for a good cause!

All the lost and found small items, like books, magazines, chargers etc stay with us, so other guests can use them.

Things like clothes, coats, sometimes even shoes go for charity after a month.

We chose to work with the Cancer research UK charity; we organize everything and arrange collections at the hostels, and they tell us the amount gained from the lost and forgotten items!

For example, in the past 3 months the bags we donated made £433! That’s a lot of money for cancer research!

This month we have also been working with another charity- Wrap up London! They collect coats and warm clothing for those who need it the most around London. We collected more than 30 coats for them; that’s 30 people who won’t freeze this winter!

I think it’s good that people know what comes out of the stuff they leave at the Clink!

And it’s also a good reminder that we have a Lost and Found room, where our guests can usually find their items. We keep everything organized and clean for 4 weeks before donating it.

So come to reception/send us an email/give us a call if you are missing anything after your stay!

If the item is of little value and you aren’t fussed about getting it back, we will make sure that it makes a big difference for the cancer research!