A few months ago, Maria (a former Clink Staff Member) decided to leave us to go to India to do some charity work in a Children’s Home called Ramana’s Garden. It is an organization that provides a safe residence, food, medical care, clothing and complete support for over fifty children. This organization also gives free education for 130 children onsite at Ramana’s Garden School. They do so paying for teachers and school supplies, as well as the children’s uniforms and a free, healthy lunch for all students who attend school here.

Back in 2009, Maria had developed a project called Lon_Art. This is a multicultural initiative that links Arts, Culture and Education through interactive workshops, events and art projects developed in London and abroad. The ethos of Lon_art is believing in Arts as an instrument to educate and to transform people lives. Lon_Art was created with the aim of exposing children to the arts and different culture experiences, making this accessible for every child regardless of their social and cultural backgrounds.

So when a few months ago Maria announced her decision to leave Clink’s family we were really upset, but also happy because we knew she was going to do a great job in India and she was going there to help others less favoured. Because of that, Clink Hostels also decided to collaborate with her and sponsor her project in India.

During the last two months Maria and her team have been working hard at Ramana’s Garden to give the children the opportunity of getting involved in an art project and offer them materials and techniques that they never have tried before, as mosaic and collages. By doing so, they tried to bring the same opportunities of interaction with arts as the ones that other children have in more developed societies.

We are really happy with her job and we will keep on collaborating with them! Maybe next Turner comes from Ramana’s Garden!!!!!