The Electric 5k Run was originally set up by a company called VAVi. It is a yearly event that is held in many countries all around the world and is always massively popular. The events attract people from all around the world, who like to unite with there love of electric music, running and dancing. All course are set up differently and have a variety of UV and glow attractions around the course. You are able to run or walk around the course and stop at each attraction to enjoy the different types of electronic music that is on offer. Each race always ends with a massive party; with world class DJ’s bringing you the best in chart and modern day electro-music.

This year is the first year that the run will be held in London and the course will be located at Wembley Park, and will consist of 7 “lands”, as detailed in the map below, including Rainforest Land, NEFFMAU5 Land (Deadmau5 are official sponsors), Rainbow Road, Pillar Party, Electric Avenue and Delta Station.

Each land will have it’s own theme and music, which has been designed to transport each runner, mind, body and soul into electric wonderland and a healthy, drug fee life. The first run in London will be in support of Breast Cancer Care, with all profits going to the charity to help people suffering with breast cancer and their families.

If you are running as apart of a team, you can sign up via the Breast Cancer Care website where a minimum donation of £65.00 is required, which you can raise yourself through sponsorship. Obviously the more money you raise and the more you are willing to hand over yourself, the better.

Here at Clink Hostels, we love the idea of this and a few of our staff think it would be a great idea. It is a bit pricy, with tickets starting at £40.00, but it all goes towards a worthy cause and a night that will stay with you forever!