To help the Homebass Foundation realize their projects we’ve partnered up with them, offering their core team a fixed workplace – completely free of charge!

Who are the Homebass Foundation? Here’s what they have to say about themselves:

We use all kinds of talent our dance floor
has to offer. Together with artists, cultural- & social
entrepreneurs and creative minds we contribute to our mission:
equality for homeless people. So far, this network has no
physical space to work on these social projects. Clink has the
perfect climate and resources to offer a dynamic workspace,
where young spirits come together to challenge contemporary
social issues. We would love to bring our network to Clink, so we
can create together and broaden both our networks.

This is just one of hopefully many fantastic partnerships we want to set up through our Shut Up And Listen Campaign. If you’re keen too, get in touch (using the form on our SUAL Partners page)