Following in the Holi One Festival’s footsteps, dye runs and colourful festivals are popping up every couple of months in London and they sure do fill the city with an amazing atmosphere. Run or Dye, brought to us by Human Race, is the latest colourful event to hit the streets of London and we can’t wait to see what is has to bring!

What is Human Race?

Human Race puts together a large variety of sporting events throughout the whole of the UK, with the help from celebrities and sports personalities, in order to help raise money for a wide range of charities.

The Run or Dye Race

Whether you want to walk, run, dance, hop or cartwheel, Run on Dye is the 5k fun run for you!

As you make your around the 5k track and pass the dye stations, you will covered in an explosion of powdered paint. You can also buy your own paint to throw at your friends and another racers; what’s not to like? But, that’s not it! At the end of the race there will be an exciting dye rave where you can dance to some of the best party anthems whilst rocking your new colourful outfit!

This amazing event is just £30 per person which gets you more than just entry to the event, you will also receive:

  • A Run or Dye T-Shirt.
  • Wrist bands.
  • Fake tattoos.
  • Your runner number.
  • Enough dye to make your own rainbow.

We would suggest that you wear all white to the event so that the colours can stand out and whatever you do, don’t wear your best dress! Even though all the paint can be washed out and is bio-degradable, do you want to risk it?

If you want to get involved, and we wouldn’t blame you, head down to the London ExCel Centre on the 27thSeptember 2014!

So get your running shoes on and join in this once in a life time fun run. You will not be disappointed.