About this event

ClinkNOORD collaborates with  XYZ AMS, an art collective that helps artists find creative spaces to work and exhibit throughout the city.
As part of our collaboration, we have different paintings exhibited throughout the hostel, all selected by ClinkNOOD and XYZ AMS.

Bo Bosk is one of the amazing artists that are part of this art collective.

We are happy to exhibit three of his works, ‘Jael’ and ‘Raka’, in the reception area at ClinkNOORD and ‘King Ali’ in collaboration with Euge Louisa.


About the artist

Bo Bosk never intended to get analytical about art. He just wanted to draw and paint, admire the details of the compositions and think, “F**k this is cool”.

This art rebel is steadily reinventing himself, allowing his moods and feelings to find his truest expression in art.

His works are born out of an urge to experiment and out of an urge to express himself freely through art. He draws on a whole range of influences – from graffiti, comic figures, and celebrities to personal relationships and fine arts.

Whether his style is pop surrealism or portraits, it’s always evocative and characterised by fine brush strokes and colourful washes. Bo Bosk is decoding art and reviving art in his own way.