About this event

Mohammad Bulifa stayed as a regular guest at ClinkNOORD for a week before speaking to us to about taking part in our Stay & Create program. Whilst staying at the hostel, Mohammed appreciated all of the art he saw from other artists who have been involved with ClinkCREATIVE. He showed us his work and, on the same day, he took his paint out of his bag and started painting. This is the result:

Title: Do what you love

“The calligraphic design is an Arabic sentence. It says: Do what you love. The black lettering is our path in life and the different colors represent different life challenging. The idea is that if you did what you love in this life path, you will end up with a colorful happy result.”

Mohammad’s painting will be hung in one of our ClinkNOORD rooms soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


About the artist

Bulifa is a 29-year-old artist from Benghazi, Libya. Originally, he worked as a graphic designer for more than ten years until he found his real passion which is Calligraphy.