About this event

‘International icons’ is an Exhibition by British Artist Jamie Ashman for ClinkNOORD. This show brings together images of iconic people from across the globe, from the twentieth and twenty first centuries. The works predominantly depicting people who have contributed to the culture of their native country and also often internationally in the worlds of Art, Music, Fashion and Film. These people symbolise the communities that they come from and the pleasure that they have created in the world  by doing what they do.

The Artist is like a fan, idolising the star and their media image, often through publicity photographs sourced from the internet. Spending time to craft these interpretations in oil on canvas, Ashman explores how important Hollywood and the fashion world are in shaping and influencing the world.

About the artist

Contemporary Artist Jamie Ashman graduated from Central Saint Martins school of Art with a degree in Fashion Design and a passion for Art and Painting. He worked in the Fashion Industry as an Internationally published Trend Predictor, Teacher and Freelance Fashion Designer and has been painting since the late 1980’s.

Working in the traditional medium of Oils on canvas – and depicting mainly iconic people; he uses his background in Fashion Design to choose legendary Icons and Superstars, looking at heroes and heroines from different cultures and periods of history. The style and content of which illustrate a reaction to the many art movements of the past mixed with TV, Punk, Acid House sampling, Rock and Roll, Fashion, Comic book and Celluloid influences. With a fluid line and a strong sense of design and colour, mixed with a mood of nostalgia, often the subjects of his Portraits sourced from the Internet identify the Zeitgeist that evolved in each era as crafted Portraits.

With paintings in International Collections in the UK, Holland and the United States, he sees his work as artistic quality control for the Internet generation. Spreading a message of Global Love and peace, slogans are sometimes super imposed onto Icons. Ashman trained to create clothing of the future and has become a Painter of Fashion and the media in the modern age. Increasingly fast moving and often throw away, in contrast to this, he slows down time and the way that we look at images as a culture. With posters on London Underground and selected for The Other Art Fair, Stonewall Auction, Cambridge International Airport, Lotus Land at ELAN, Sweetart Exhibitions and with various published interviews online and in print amongst other things.