About this event

Novi’s music tone is described as colourful, spontaneous and direct, by allowing themselves free range and promising to only make music that they would actually enjoy listening to Novi wound up on a journey of discovery pulling from their inspirations and experimenting with new ideas… Simply put, this was the road map to their now distinctive style. German/ American Mishell Ivon grew up surrounded by music, it very quickly became clear that music would be a focus in her life.She was discovered by Felix Weber and Irmgard Klarmann and she, together with this production duo shared several releases in Japan and one in the UK.



About the artist

Novi’s music blurs the lines between funk, pop, soul and electro elements, tipping the hat to legendary artists such as Jamiroquai, Prince, Daft Punk, and Giorgio Moroder, to mention a few. The foundation of Novi Music are the singer Mishell Ivon and bass player Basti Braun, while working on a project together the two realised they shared many musical commonalities, they decided to do some songwriting to see where it would lead.