About this event

When ClinkNOORD opened in 2015, Ottograph painted a large mural on the wall in ZincBAR. Ottagraph says of the piece: “Curly Wurly is inspired by things you see when you hang at the bar too long..”

We are so happy to have such a happy vibrant wall in the ZincBAR thanks to Ottograph. We are a big fan of his paintings and his work on the streets of Amsterdam, like the Wijdesteeg project he did together with artist Hero de Janeiro (see picture). Sadly, there is nothing left of the open air artwork due to construction work.

Project Wijdesteeg


About the artist

Ottograph, a large-scale muralist, has been slinging paint since the age of ten. Starting out in Amsterdam, where he is from, and then moving on to become an internationally sought after artist, Ottograph has established himself squarely in the middle of the global street and graffiti art movement. Simultaneously though, Ottograph has bridged the fine art gap with his work, an advantage that comes with age and time dedicated to painting. The Modern Art Museum of Antwerpen (Belgium) is home to a giant Ottograph mural.

Otto has also painted murals in Moscow, Tokyo, Berlin New York and San Fancisco. Ottograph’s contribution to street art extends beyond his own work, as he is also a community leader, having organized several cooperative painting commissions and operating the website “I Paint Everyday” www.ipainteveryday.com to encourage the tedious, yet necessary practice of serious painting. Ottograph has worked for clients like Greenpeace, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Mars, Ford, and Merecedes-Benz.