About this event

A free and interactive exhibition exploring beauty: How do we define beauty and interpret it in the modern world?

Does everybody define beauty differently? Or do we all share the same idea? Can beauty be ugly? Has its view changed? Maybe every generation needs to redefine beauty; it might be just momentary.

Slovak duo Ové Pictures (Michaela Čopíková and Veronika Obertová) proudly present their travelling exhibition. Come and take a look in the Atrium at ClinkNOORD where you’ll find a zoetrope and dioramas that invite you to look at beauty differently. For more info on the exhibition head to the Searching for Beauty website.

About the artist

Two female directors and illustrators Veronika Obertová and Michaela Čopíková joined their love of motion design, animated film and creatures to form the brand Ové Pictures.

Together they create animation, music videos, projections, illustrations and moving design.