About this event

In her paintings van Essel captures the past, present and the future. As part of our ‘Gallery Wall’ programme, she painted ‘Skyline Northern Y Bank in Red and Grey.’ In contrast to her other paintings, which are very realistic, this has a more graphic feel. You can see the future towers of ‘The Strip’ already mapped out.

van Essel says of the Y River:

“For years the banks of the Y have been inspiring to me. I live on the south side of the Y and my gallery is on the north side. The Y is an important focus in my life. I follows the changes of the banks very closely. My senses are attuned to the changes in the river banks, and to the changes in Amsterdam Noord, the most exciting part of Amsterdam.”

About the artist

van Essel was born in the Swiss mountains (Davos, 1967) and lived her first twenty years of life at an altitude of 1621 m. She came to Groningen, Netherlands, for her studies in 1989 and was then faced with a vast bald and flat landscape. To her, it evoked a feeling of inhospitably and so she turned to the structures and archicture of the city. The towers, buildings, bridges and locks gave her a sense of security – that man is able to defend himself against the vast emptiness of the landscape.  For example in ‘Vogelvlucht’ you can see the gallows where the bodies of criminals were hung untill the 18th Century on the Dam.