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About the artist

Sonoras Mil’s music can be initially defined as “tropical-experimental pop with a lot of groove”, evoking sounds from different parts of the  world. However, beyond labels, Sonoras Mil is a musical trip to places  that do not exist but that are still familiar, almost intimate.

In Sonoras Mil ́s music you can find elements of funk, reggae, dub, rock, psychedelic cumbia, salsa, tribal, latin and electronica, all assembled in a pop and yet alternative format.

Sonoras Mil ́s live show is intense and organic. Performing on stage with five musicians from the alternative music scene of Bogotá, the band blends the power of tropical percussion and drum beats with electro synths, dub-salsa bass lines, ambient – psychedelic guitars and sweet, catchy and hallucinating vocal harmonies