About this event

Spooky & The Truth create a smoky fusion of familiar pop elements with a personal strain of Americana that they coined, “City Folk”. The Truth’s minimal performance style is both intimate and powerful, bittersweet and inspiring. Spooky pens openhearted songs with lyrics that explore broad themes of innocence lost, mingled with stories of hope and redemption. It is only appropriate that this album be named after the music they create. “City Folk” offers, songs that are relatable and enjoyable by anyone today with a hauntingly familiar recollection of simpler times, be they real or imagined.

Spooky & The Truth - Stay & Play- ClinkCREATIVE - ClinkNOORD - Amsterdam

About the artist

Spooky is a singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has been touring the United States for over a decade, building his repertoire of original work, and growing his fanbase. Spooky’s performances all at once become festivals and confessionals, and have been compared to artists like James Taylor, and Paul Simon. While on the road, Spooky desired to perform his music as it was heard on his albums, hoping that the audience would experience the songs as they were honestly meant to be. It was then that Spooky came upon “The Truth”. Spooky’s new band “The Truth” is comprised of some of the best studio musicians in Philadelphia and together created their newest Album “City Folk, which will release later this summer (8/16). Spooky & The Truth will venture across the ocean to bring the new album and that original “Spooky Sound” to Europe for the first time this year.