About this event

Street Art Today, held at NDSM Warf – a super creative area in Amsterdam Noord – invited Mark Ghemling and Wolfgang Krell to come for a long weekend to the warehouse and create something on mega big canvasses. The pieces will be exhibited in the Street Art Today warehouse. Krell and Ghemling will be staying at ClinkNOORD through our Stay & Create programme and, whilst working in the warehouse, will also create an art piece for ClinkNOORD that will be hung in on our rooms.

About the artist

Born 1969, Krell lives and works in Dortmund, Germany. He takes his inspiration from the things that surround him. His art is always a reaction and reflection – your stories are his stories!

From here to anywhere else. Krell has his roots in graffiti art. He produced his first pieces of art according to the American graffiti style in 1983 and began to paint more realistically in 2005. To this day the spray can has remained a loyal companion, but is not his first choice of tool.

His credo is to tell stories or just move things into the right light. Anything can be his inspiration. All he does is decorate and give things a new outfit.  Combinations of tried and trusted and fantasies show him the direction. He can’t even imagine where this leads to. And actually, he doesn’t really care. The main thing is, that it is full of life!