It’s the month of bank holidays which always puts the Dutch in good spirits! We’ve picked out our favourite things to do in the city this month – so you can go and enjoy them …

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1. Yada Yada Market

If you feel like getting away from Amsterdam for a day then Hembrug is a great bet. It’s just 15 minutes from the centre of Amsterdam. Head to Yada Yada Market where you can hop from continent to continent, taking in the tastes, smells and noises from Africa, Asia and beyond. You’ll find fresh produce, food stalls, crafts as well as theatre, music and one-off events.

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Open daily 
Opening times vary, check website for details 

2. Enrico Baj: Play as Protest

Head to the Cobra Museum of Modern Art for a look at around100 colourful works by Enrico Baj, from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Whilst outwardly humorous, the pieces also demonstrate his piercing socio-critical attitude.

Until 14th May 
Tickets 12€

3. Tulip Festival 

Dutch merchants brought tulips to the Netherlands at the beginning of the 17th Century. Since then, they have become one of the country’s most enduring symbols. Throughout the month you’ll be able to see more than 500,000 of the stunning blooms at various locations throughout Amsterdam.

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Until 14th May 2017
Free event
Various locations, check website for details 

4. Vondelpark Open Air Theatre

Beginning this month, Vondelpark comes to life with a summer-long, open-air programme of theatre, comedy, dance and festivals.

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Throughout the summer 
Free event, donations welcome 
Check website for performance details

5. Laidback Live at Pllek 

Arts and music venue, Pllek, is just a short bike ride from ClinkNOORD. Made out of shipping containers, and sitting on the banks of the River, it’s a great place to while away a few hours on a weekend. From 3pm, catch a range of talented musicians playing live.

7th May 2017 
Free event

6. Fiber Festival

Deep underground, underneath the A’DAM tower you’ll find Amsterdam’s newest addition to the club scene – Shelter. For this event, they’ve joined with FIBER Festival to bring attendees live acts and cutting-edge club music from wround the world along with visual technology to create a totally multi-sensory experience.

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14th May 2017
Concert + Club Night 29€
Club Night 16€

7. Keukenhof Gardens

Nothing says spring like a wander round some beautiful gardens. Around 7 millions bulbs are planted each year at Keukenhof and the garden blooms into a sea of gorgeous colour. Make a day of it and hire a bike or take a boat cruise to explore the surrounding area.

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Until 21st May 2017 
Tickets 16€ 

8. 24H Nieuw-West (North-West) 

24H Amsterdam sees different areas of the city showcased in a unique way for 24 hours. On the 13th May, it’s heading to the exciting new neighbourhood of ‘Nieuw-West.’ It’s a lively area of the city, without too many airs and graces. Make the most of your 24 hours with round-the-clock clubbing, art initiatives and more.

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13th May 2017 
Various Locations
Check website for more info

9. Rolling Kitchens

On the long bank holiday weekend at the end of May head on over to Westergasfabriek for a real culinary extravaganza! Dozens of food trucks will roll in to offer up some delectable delights for hungry punters. There’s something for everyone – from fresh-out-the-oven pizza to traditional Dutch delicacies (and everything in between!)

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24th-28th May 2017 
Free Event

10. Aleppo Insights 

When we see the war-torn city of Syria on our TVs and news feeds we might always imagine that it has been a run-down, down-and-out place. This poignant exhibition aims to tear down these misconceptions with it’s ‘then and now’ approach. See a scale model of the historic city and see photos, postcards and videos which give us insights into life in Aleppo, before and during the war.

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Until December 2017 
Tickets 20€ 

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