Although schools and Universities are getting back into the swing of things, summer doesn’t have to be over just yet. There’s plenty more things to see and places to travel – visiting Amsterdam this September is no exception.

The Dutch capital is racking up cool outdoor events like rooftop parties, outdoor film screenings, food and drink festivals and much more. We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best things to do in Amsterdam this September 2019.

Scroll through some of the top-rated summer events you can indulge in – we’ve no doubt they’ll persuade you to stop off and get involved.

Why visit Amsterdam in September?

September is a great time to visit Amsterdam; the weather is usually mild, the crowds are thinner and travel costs are usually lower. You’ll benefit from shorter queuing times to popular attractions, giving you more time to soak up every other quirky aspect this wonderful city has to offer. With that in mind, let’s dive into our list of recommendations…

1. Experience the Fringe Festival Amsterdam

When? 7th – 17th September 
Where? Various locations across Amsterdam

For 11 days in September, the Amsterdam Fringe Festival brings theatre and dance by up and coming actors, dancers and makers, to more than 30 venues across Amsterdam. The festival opens up space for those with an independent spirit, on a quest for their own artistic freedom. You’ll find performances on tiny stages, unusual corners and even in garages – anything goes in Dam.

Don’t fear if you aren’t Dutch-speaking. There’s an extensive English and ‘Language No Problem’ program, so you’ll be able to enjoy what’s on offer, whatever language you speak.


Amsterdam Fringe Festival | Things To Do In Amsterdam September 2019 | Clink Hostels

Source: Amsterdam fringe festival

2. Go wild at Valtifest

When? 7th September 
Where? Kaap Oost

Valtifest, also known as the ‘wild child’ of Amsterdam’s summer of festivals, is back at NDSM Wharf this September 2019. The lineup is impressive with an eclectic mixture of DJs playing electro, dance, dubstep, house, punk and hip-hop. Stick on your dancing shoes and get ready to rave, Dam-style.

At Valtifest, there’s something to suit pretty much whatever you’re into. Make sure to take some time out from dancing to enjoy some of the sideshow acts, which are often bizarre and bonkers – but absolutely worth a watch.

For those looking to stand out from the crazy crowd, fancy dress is strongly encouraged. Let your imagination run wild and get into the swing of things with the best of them.


Valtifest Amsterdam | September Festivals in Amsterdam | Clink Hostels


3. Step back in time at Amsterdam Heritage Days

When? 14th and 15th September 
Where? Various locations across Amsterdam 

Amsterdam has a rich history that’s well worth exploring. On Amsterdam Heritage Days, locals and visitors will have the chance to step back in time as the city casts open the doors to some of its most important buildings, private homes and monuments.

If you’re visiting Amsterdam in September 2019, you’ll see that this year’s theme is ‘Urban Entertainment’. The buildings involved have been chosen for their impressive architecture, interiors or because of works of art contained in the buildings that are connected to various crafts and trades.


Amsterdam Heritage Days | History of Amsterdam | Clink Hostels

Source: media.iamsterdam

4. Enjoy an open-air concert at Bostheater

When? 10th, 15th and 17th September 2019
Where? Amsterdam Bostheater, De Duizendmeterweg 7

If you like your live music with a good dose of the great outdoors, then make sure to catch one of the fantastic open-air concerts at Bostheater before the summer is out. The setting is truly magical, unlike no other in Amsterdam. Exit the city and enter this beautiful, forest setting to picnic until your heart’s content, dine at the Bostheater sun-drenched terrace or listen to the live musical performances.

There’s some great September acts lined up to play. It’s important to grab your ticket quick, as the remainder of the concerts are likely to sell out very soon.


Bostheater Amsterdam | Parks in Amsterdam | Clink Hostels


5. Take in a movie, alfresco style

When? 14th – 24th September 
Where? Noordzijde 41

Outdoor cinema has become a stalwart of any city summer. Being a modern, hipster-friendly city, Amsterdam is, of course, no stranger to the alfresco big screen. Dotted across the city you can find a series of outdoor screenings with a wide range of cinema classics. Grab a deck chair and a few Dutch nibbles and relish in the last of the long summer evenings.

Plenty of the film screenings are in English or Dutch with subtitles, so don’t be put off. Plus, you can choose your cinema setting too. To name a few, there are rooftop cinema viewings, film nights at the popular Pllek and cinema showings in Vondelpark. Of course, whether there are films being shown or not depends on the time of the month and what else is happening. Yet, with so many venues to choose from, you’ll be able to find at least one!

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6. Watch painters fight it out at Pllek’s “Art Battle”

When? 21st September
Where? Pllek

Art Battle is back at Pllek and we can’t wait! The very first Art Battle took place at the start of summer 2019 and was a sure hit – not literally. So what’s involved?

Sixteen artists take part in a live painting contest. In three rounds of twenty minutes, they strive to create the winning acrylic on a canvas. The audience then decides who goes through to the next round so get involved and have your say. Just like our guests, we love these events for bringing art alive in a casual and dynamic way, whilst revellers can enjoy snacks, drinks and music.


Pllek Art Battle | Things to do in Amsterdam this September | Clink Hostels


Looking for a spot to have a few drinks after a busy day? Here’s our guide to the best bars in Amsterdam.

7. Get colourful at Holi

When? 14th September 
Where? Stadspodium Amsterdam, Turbinestraat 12

The Indian festival of Holi ushers in spring and the season of love. This long-standing tradition meets ultimate dance party and crowds gather to throw brightly coloured paints over each other, accompanied by a full day of DJ sets and live music. It’s a scene not to miss.

Grab your ticket and make sure to wear something you don’t mind getting dirty. By the end of the day, you’ll be head to toe in all the colours of the world – a great look for your  Instagram travel shots.


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8. Make the most of 24 hours in Nieuw-West

When? 24th – 25th September 2019 
Where? Various locations in Nieuw-West

’24H Amsterdam’ is a series of events that encourages both locals and visitors to explore the very best of Amsterdam. It involves visiting each of Amsterdam’s distinct neighbourhoods, may they be in the north, east, south or west of the city. The idea is that there are so many big and small gems hidden in the Dam, bringing entertainment and education to everybody visiting the city.

Each of the events within the 24H Amsterdam takes place over the course of 24 hours. You can explore the many delicious restaurants, stunning art galleries, busy bars and quaint yet quirky cafes. It really is a great way to make the most of your time in Amsterdam, whenever you visit and September is no exception.


Amsterdam Zuid | 24H Amsterdam Events in September | Clink Hostels

Source: ramada-amsterdam

9. Banksy: Laugh Now @ The Moco Museum

When? 13th – 15th September 
Where? Various locations across Amsterdam 

If you’re into street art, or not, you’ll want to head to the Moco Museum this September. Here you can ponder over some of this generation’s most controversial yet for-a-limited-time-only, street art.

Banksy’s Laugh now exhibition will draw to a close at the end of September so this is your last chance to get up close and personal with his hugely influential installations. These include “Laugh Now”, “Barcode”, “Girl With The Balloon”, “Kids on Guns”, “Pulp Fiction” and many others.

Although lots of Banksy’s work is on display in closely-monitored city streets like London, his indoor pieces have been far less exposed and so, if you decide to visit here, you’ll be witnessing some hidden gems of this famous artist.


Banksy Laugh Now | Art Galleries in Amsterdam | Clink Hostels

Source: Moco Museum

10. Unseen Amsterdam

When? 20th – 22nd September
Where? Klonne plein 1, 1014DD  

Sticking to the creative theme, the next recommendation ditches the paintbrush and picks up the camera: Unseen event in Amsterdam. For any photography fanatic or even the average Instagrammer, this event is great to inspire you to up your visual game and support small artists.

Unseen Amsterdam focuses on everything that’s new in the world of photography and provides a platform for up-and-coming talent to show off their latest works. This year the exhibition returns to Amsterdam for its eighth edition and is set to, yet again, push the boundaries of contemporary photography.

With over 25,000 visitors each year, this event is highly popular and worth a visit. Expand your mind and indulge in the 53 international galleries, witness 70 independent publishers and here some of the moving speakers.


Unseen Amsterdam Exhibition | Top Ten Things to do In Amsterdam this September | Clink Hostels

Source: I Amsterdam

So there you have it, our top 10 things to do in Amsterdam this September. For more great travel content make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel and follow us on Instagram.

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