How will the Amsterdam Tourist Tax affect you?

As of January 1st 2020, Amsterdam will be implementing a flat fee of €3 per person, per night for any visitor spending the night in the city, in addition to the current 7% room rate. This means you will have to part with a bit more cash, but don’t let the new tax get you down. In many ways, it’s a good thing – paying a bit more tax will help make sure the city is clean and safe. The extra funding will also be put towards maintaining the city’s infrastructure, like bridges and canals.

How to pay the new Tax?

Once you arrived at ClinkNOORD you will be asked to pay the extra tax. The current 7% room rate is covered in your booking fee. Please feel free to chat with a mamber of our team if you have any further questions.

Things to mention:

  • Children under 16 are exempt from the new Amsterdam tax
  • AirBnB, hotels, campsites and hostels will all have to charge the new tax

Check out the City of Amsterdam’s website for more info on the tourist tax