One way to really make the most of your time in Amsterdam and unleash your inner creativity is to dive deep into the fascinating art scattered in every corner of the city. Although known for being a hotspot for contemporary art, the Dutch capital offers much more than that. It’s jam-packed with work from big names like Banksy, Vincent van Gogh, Andy Warhol and Johannes Vermeer.

Follow us as we explore 6 of the best art galleries in Amsterdam. Plus, use our maps to help you navigate the many sites of incredible street art in Amsterdam.

Top Tip: Fine art isn’t to everyone’s taste and in contrast, neither is graffiti. However, with the abundance of art available in Amsterdam, you’ll no doubt discover a piece you can appreciate. From contemporary art, modern art, fine art, photography galleries, street art, graffiti, project art and sculptures, there really is something for everyone.

6 Amsterdam Art Galleries & Art Museums to Visit:

With so many art galleries & museums in Amsterdam, it can be difficult to know which are worth visiting. Our rundown of the ‘must-see’ Amsterdam art galleries is a great place to start when deciding where to visit first.

Plus, if you’re staying at ClinkNOORD, many of our top picks are within easy walking distance!

Top Amsterdam Art Galleries & Museums | Clink Hostels

1. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

The Stedelijk Museum is a go-to gallery to visit in Amsterdam – whether you’re a fan of art or not. It withholds some of the most influential artwork from across the globe. Offering various cultural topics from migration, institutional history, contemporary, The Russian Revolution and 100 years of de Stijl, these are just some of the many topics you can witness when browsing the museum.

With 90,000 pieces of artwork on display, you can spend the day here, admiring each masterpiece. Or, use their online search to have a pre-look at the famous paintings or sculptures you think you want to see before you make your visit.


Stedelijk Museum | Amsterdam Art Galleries | Clink Hostels

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2. Banksy “Laugh Now” Exhibition – Moco Museum

Before getting into the details of the “Laugh Now” exhibition, it’s important to note that it’s not authorised by Banksy himself. Instead, to our joy the Moco Museum is offering a collection of some of the most iconic indoor artwork from Banksy. 

Good to know: Moco Museum is a much-loved, contemporary art museum in Amsterdam and for many, a must-visit spot.

Bansky’s indoor artwork consists of paintings and drawings on canvas, wood and paper. Famous creations include “Laugh Now”, “Barcode”, “Kids on Guns”, “Kate Moss”, “Bomb Hugger”, “Soup Can”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Flower Thrower” and many others.

The centrepiece of the exhibition, despite the name, is actually the “Beanfield”. It measures a great 2.5 x 3.5 metres and since last being on display in 2009, it’s making its way back into the public eye at Moco.


Banksy "Laugh Now" at Moco Museum Amsterdam | Clink Hostels

Image courtesy of Moco Museum

If you’re not already familiar with Banksy, he’s most famously known for his many street art pieces. This outdoor art can be found all over the world and in places like London, they’re strictly protected to prevent any vandalism.

3. Micro Art Amsterdam

If you’re looking to do something spontaneous or to fill a little gap in the afternoon, taking a look at the Micro Art Exhibition in Amsterdam offers a great experience. It’s one of the smallest exhibitions ever in Amsterdam, making it totally original visit.

Most of the pieces in the museum are too small to see with the naked eye so instead, you can admire the artwork through special magnifying glasses.

This exhibition is a little different from the usual, with pieces like a rose created in a hollowed-out piece of human hair and the famous Night Watch made on a pumpkin seed as well as much more. You’ll be amazed by the intricacy and detail of these tiny pieces of artwork.

At present, from the 107 reviews on TripAdvisor, 99% rate it as excellent – so we’re sure you won’t be disappointed! However, this exhibition is only around until the end of 2019, so if you want to witness the incredibly small pieces of artwork, you’ll have to be quick.



4. Public House of Art

The Public House of Art gives you the opportunity to buy famous artworks from artists all over the world. With a fairly simple, 3-category price group, it’s easy to fall in love with a piece of work and buy quickly to take home with you.

With an abundance of content types available, you can browse portraits, landscapes, interiors and cityscapes in an array of techniques. From colour photography, manipulated photography, abstract photography, multiple exposures and more, there’s something for everyone to appreciate.

Check out some of the weird, yet wonderful pieces of artwork online to get a taste of the exhibitions in-store.


Public House of Art | Amsterdam Art | Clink Hostels

Image courtesy of Public House of Art (Artist: Deji, “Hero’d Out 1”)

5. Foam Photography Museum

Foam Photography Museum is an international organisation offering everything photography. It’s built to inform and inspire the widest possible audience by presenting all facets of contemporary photography to its audience.

Achieved through offering publications, debates, educational projects and more, these events help to keep Foam at the forefront of photography across the globe. So, if you’re into photography, it’s not a spot to miss.


Foam Photography Museum | Amsterdam Art Galleries | Clink Hostels

Image courtesy of Foam

You can hop on a free, guided tour to have a detailed overview of the works within the museum or just go free-reign and explore yourself. There’s lots of great talent to observe and it’ll make you want to take out your camera or mobile and start taking shots of this beautiful city.

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6: Cow Museum Amsterdam

The Cow Museum is something a little different from the typical museum or art gallery in Amsterdam. If you’re into cows or know somebody who is, you’ll want to stop off here and grab a few souvenirs.

The “Cow Museum” as it’s known, is practically a big shop with everything cow-related. From colourful cow figurines, paintings, lamps, coasters, keyrings and more. It offers pretty much everything you’d ever want or need in cow theme.

One of the main reasons it became so famous, is the fact this store is the only store that withholds the full collection of sought-after Cow Parade paintings. Not to mention, there’s also 800 other pieces of cow-inspired artwork.


Cow Museum Amsterdam | Clink Hostels

Image courtesy of Cow Museum Amsterdam

Where to find street art in Amsterdam?

As well as the well-known galleries and museums, there’s lots of artwork that’s slightly more off-grid. 

Use our map to treasure hunt the best street art in Amsterdam:

Amsterdam Street Art | Clink Hostels

Let’s Recap!

Art is super important to open our minds, explore something new and appreciate the creativity of those that surround us. It’s a great way to express yourself and let creativity and feelings flow – which is particularly important in today’s society.

Regardless of your preferred style of art, whether that’s photography, sculpture or portraiture, Amsterdam has something to offer for all. So, if you’re visiting the city, make sure to soak up some of the artistic culture, you won’t be disappointed.

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