You’ve made it to London, arrived safely at Clink, heaved your bag into your room and your bunk-bed looks pretty comfortable. Success! But now what? It’s Tuesday and you want to dance, but where to go?

Don’t worry fellow travellers; we understand your desire to make the most of your city trip and we’re here to help. Whether you arrive on a Wednesday morning or a Sunday night, London offers an eclectic selection of live music, all-night discos, pop-up parties and traditional English pubs to name but a few. While the city caters for every taste, we’ve rounded up a week’s worth of night time adventures especially for the night owls, music lovers and dance addicts among you.

Seven Days, Seven Venues, Seven Nights to Never Forget – A Clink Guide to London Nightlife

Monday: Ain’t Nothing But…

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Self proclaimed as the “best blues bar this side of the Atlantic”, Ain’t Nothin’ But … definitely lives up to that title. Monday nights play host to its traditional ‘Blues Jam Sessions’; musicians from around the country join together to create beautiful collaborations of sound. Imagine walking into your kitchen to find B. B. King, Ray Charles and Billie Holiday sitting around the table with a glass of wine and a song book- that’s what Monday night jam session sat Ain’t Nothin But… are like. As a small space it can become a bit crowded inside and rather warm, so come prepared to strip off your jacket and embrace the soulful sounds of the blues.


Price & Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday: Free Admission. 17:00 – 01:00.

Friday & Saturday: Free Before 20:30 17:00 – 02:00.

20 Kingly St, Soho (map)

Tuesday: Boujis

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With twin clubs in London and Hong-Kong, Boujis offers a classy clubbing scene for your Tuesday night out in London. They have reputation for fantastic cocktails, world class DJs and a flair for elegant style. Not to mention their house DJ’s include Martin Solveig and Basement Jaxx. If you’re interested in rubbing shoulders with stars and indulging in an evening of London luxury, Boujis is for you. They have a strict dress code (think stilettos and suits) and we recommend arriving early as they don’t have a guest list for non-members. Boujis is pretty pricey though, so if you’re on a budget we’d suggest heading out to Drink. Shop. Do. for their Tuesday night Bar/Craft sessions,


Price & Opening Hours

Monday- Saturday: £15 when booking a table, £20 if not. 22:30 – 03:00

Sunday: £15 when booking a table, £20 if not. 22:30 – 02:30.

43 Thurloe St, Kensington (map)

Wednesday: 1 Big Night Out Pub Crawl


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London is expensive and we don’t always want to drop our hard earned and well-saved cash on superclubs. 1 Big Night Out takes care of that with their pub crawl, which offers exceptional value for money. Saving you a minimum of £30/£40 per night, the pub crawl escorts you to five bars in five hours, with five free shots and discounted drinks at each participating bar. Your fiercely upbeat Crawl Guide will assist you in jumping the queues (another perk) while ensuring you make it to the end of the crawl in one piece.

Along with free glowsticks, body paint and professional photos, the 1 Big Night Out Pub Crawl runs seven days a week, 365 days a year- feel free to join the party whenever you can.

Price & Opening Hours

Every day: £11.50 Advance Tickets, £15 at the door (Includes entrance to all pubs). 19:30 – 03:00.

Thursday: The Fez Club

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Start the night off with half-price cocktails (runs until 11pm) at this Morrocan themed Putney Club. Thursday nights at The Fez Club invites the more budget-conscious traveller to experience the wild unruliness of a top London club at a more affordable price. Referred to as their ‘Drinky Poos’, the resident mixologists are known for their talent to craft the perfect classic cocktail, as well as creating brand new delights like the signature ‘Absinthini’. With travellers rubbing shoulders with city professionals and students alike, a night at The Fez Club gives you a comprehensive taste of London life. To avoid the queues and entrance fee at this unique West London venue, register for the guest-list online.

Price & Opening Hours

Thursday: Guest-list Complimentary, otherwise £5 before 11pm, £7 after. 22:00 – 03:00.

200 Upper Richmond Road, Putney (map)


Friday: XOYO

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If it’s Friday it’s time to get yourself to XOYO. Only a moment away from Old Street St, XOYO is one of London’s biggest live music clubs. Whether listening to a band rock out on stage or dancing your way into the early hours of a Shoreditch morning to the mixes of their resident DJ’s, this nightlife venue is a must-do to complete any London trip. Dubstep, house and drum and bass will keep you moving on both of it’s split-level dance floors. XOYO has a very relaxed dress-code so if you’re wearing a suit or fancy costume access will be denied. Try and get there before 23:00 – last entry is at 23:30. A staple for any London party-goer, XOYO is a venue you don’t want to miss.
Price & Opening Hours
Friday & Saturday : Entry fee changes weekly, check website for details. 21:00 – 04:00.

32-37 Cowper St, Shoreditch (map)

Saturday: EGG LDN

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Saturday nights at EGG London feature internationally renowned DJs spinning out house and techno sounds that echo around the exposed brick walls. One of the most established clubbing spots, EGG London has just been revamped and features incredible multi-media installations across three floors of non-stop party, including a massive outdoor terrace and loft space. If your Saturday night rolls into the small hours of Sunday, rest assured that you can get into EGG until 7am on Sunday morning, with the club finally closing at 10am. For those about to party hard, we salute you. Dress code is relaxed, but no hoodies or tracksuits please.

Price & Opening Hours
Friday/Saturday : Entry fee changes weekly, between £10 and £20. 23:00 – 08:00/10:00.

200 York Way, London (map)

Sunday: Fabric

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Do you want to party until the early hours of Monday morning? Then Sunday night at fabric is the place for you. Join the “WetYourSelf” crew for their weekly Sunday takeover as they present the best of dance music DJs from around the world. “Fabric was conceived by people who go to clubs, for people who go to clubs.” With three rooms covering over 25000 sqm of dancefloor (including the bodysonic vibrating floor in Room One), fabric is one of London best loved clubs.

Fabric operates a relaxed dress code, however no neon, business suits or fancy dress will be permitted. Try purchase your tickets online, and arrive before midnight to avoid large queues.

Price & Opening Hours
Friday- Sunday : Entry fee changes weekly, between £7 and £25. 23:00 – 07:00.

77A Charterhouse St, London (map)


1. ALWAYS, and I mean, ALWAYS carry valid ID- venues are very strict and will not accept student cards, bank cards or excuse. No ID = No entry.

2. Always check out the dresscode. You don’t want to be turned away because you have the wrong shoes/dress/hat/clown suit.
3. Be safe. Check out the route home before you go, stick with your friends and don’t accept candy from strangers.
Enjoy London Clinkers.


Written by Caitlin (A.K.A. The Indie Butterfly).

Caitlin is a writer, traveller and part-time superhero. Currently living in London, read more of her work on her blog, or stalk her onFacebookTwitter and Instagram.



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