You’ve made it to London, arrived safely at Clink, heaved your bag into your room and your bunk-bed looks pretty comfortable. Success! But now what?

London is home to hundreds of theatres, night clubs, bars, and pubs to choose from, planning a night out can get a little stressful – especially for those new to the city. But don’t let that stop you… remember travel is meant to be an adventure. Check out a few venues from our guide below and we are sure you will have a night to remember!

Hit the town!

Although London is probably better known for its famous landmarks and historical architecture, it is also famed for its world-class nightlife and party scene. From grungy underground venues hosting alternative DJ nights to upmarket cocktail bars specializing in artisan alcoholic beverages – London is a one-stop shop for party people and has something for everyone!  But as with any city, knowing where to go is the key to a great night out! Here are a few of our favourites:

Our favourite big clubs

If you’re looking for the euphoric big club atmosphere typically found in the mega clubs of Ibiza then we recommend heading to XOYOFabric, Printworks, Egg London or Electric Brixton. These heavy hitters cannot offer the idyllic island backdrop of Ibiza, but one thing they can promise is a night to remember! Each of these venues is frequented by some of the worlds finest DJ’s, spanning multiple musical genres, from Garage and Grime to House, Hip hop and DnB – we are sure they will not disappoint.

Top Tip: Check the club’s website to see what’s on as tickets can get pricey – it is best to book in advance!   

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Underground Venues

If you prefer a more underground environment, then we advise paying a visit Corsica studiosPhonox, or Oval Space. All of these clubs have a capacity of around 500 people and frequently host up and coming DJ’s that specialize in a particular niche of electronic music. The best thing about these venues is the crowd and alternative music. Thanks to their underground feel and obscure musical offerings, these clubs avoid the riff-raff that can be found in some larger more commercial locations. Most people in these ‘edgy venues’ are out to appreciate the music and enjoy the good vibes. So, if you’re looking to party ’till the break of dawn, amidst hordes of other friendly revelers, grab your bucket hat and get involved!

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If clubbing isn’t for you don’t panic, there is plenty of weird and wonderful bars in London too. Enjoy a cocktail whilst battling your friends on retro arcade machine games at The Four Quarters, or stay cool and pay a visit to the Belowzero Ice Bar – the UK’s only cocktail bar permanently frozen solid. If you like your drink accompanied by panoramic views of the capital then head to Near & Far, Peckham Levels’ quirkiest bar or if you are feeling fancy then head to Satan’s Whiskers in Bethnal Green.

Top Tip: Drinks in London can get a bit pricey so we recommend heading to the ClasBAR for a few cheap drinks before you head out and hit the town 

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See a show

It’s often said that a visit to London is not complete without seeing a show. Whether you’re a fan of stand up comedy, the Panto or experimental theatre, there is something for every palette in Londons theatre circuit. We recommend having a few drinks at one of London’s many pubs, then making your way to the West End to soak up the party atmosphere and choose a show – nothing beats the magic of London’s West End, especially on a summer evening. This year’s top theatre picks include The Book of Morman at the Prince of Wales Theatre,  The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre and The School of Rock at the Gillian Lynne Theatre.

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Top Tip: To avoid the crowds we advise booking your ticket before arrival. 

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So there you have it, our guide to nightlife in London. But don’t just take our word for it, go and see for yourself! if you find any hidden gems that we might have missed be sure to let us know!

A few tips before you paint the town red:

  • Always carry a valid ID- venues are very strict and will not accept student cards, bank cards or excuse. No ID = No entry.
  • Be sure to check out the dress code. You don’t want to be turned away because you have the wrong shoes/dress/hat/clown suit. Most smaller clubs are quite relaxed but larger venues can be very fussy!
  • Check out the route home before you go, stick with your friends and don’t accept ‘sweets’ from strangers.

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