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Whilst you visit London you’ll need somewhere to rest your head. Finding the right place to stay on a budget can be difficult, thankfully Clink’s here to lend a helping hand.


Staying in a Hotel

Hotels in London can be okay but they often lack atmosphere, friends and fun. Besides they’re expensive, especially if you’re looking to stay in the centre of the city.

Below, you can see the average hotel room prices in London for 2-5 star hotels ranging from 1-7 night stays.

1 Night 2 Nights 3 Nights 4 Nights 5 Nights 6 Nights 7 Nights
2 star £72 £144 £216 £288 £360 £432 £504
3 star £89 £178 £267 £356 £445 £534 £623
4 star £128 £256 £384 £512 £640 £768 £896
5 star £232 £464 £696 £928 £1160 £1392 £1624

*Data courtesy of

Due to their inflated and somewhat exorbitant prices, paying for a hotel is often one of the main reasons many tourists and visitors are put off when planning a trip to London.

Even staying at a 2 star hotel will cost £72 a night. That’s £504 for a week’s stay – an amount way out of the reach of many traveller’s budgets.


Staying at Clink

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Staying at Clink hostels however is much more affordable, and it’s the ideal location for anyone wanting to make the most out of their stay in the capital.

Located in the heart of London, our hostels – Clink78 and Clink 261 – are two unique, vibrant hubs perfect for sightseers, lone backpackers and groups of students alike.

Both hostels offer a range of accommodation to suit all preferences and budgets. You can even stay in an authentic prison cell!

Yes, a prison cell! Clink78 transformed what was once a beautiful, somewhat eerie, Victorian courthouse into a colourful, effervescent hostel complete with refurbished, traveller friendly prison cells.

The cells no longer house criminals and reprobates, but you and your partner in crime are more than welcome to stay.

Whether you’re travelling in a group or by yourself, staying with us will cost a faction of the price a hotel would be, the table below outlines the standard prices for all of our different rooms.

1 Night 2 Night 3 Night 4 Night 5 Night 6  Night 7 Night
Mixed dorms £13 £26 £39 £52 £65 £78 £82
Girls’ dorms £13 £26 £39 £52 £65 £78 £82
Bird’s Nest Dorms £15 £30 £45 £60 £75 £90 £105
Private rooms £40 £80 £120 £160 £200 £240 £280
Prison cells £50 £100 £150 £200 £250 £300 £350


An Experience to Remember

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It’s not just about the budget prices at Clink, our hostels offer travellers an experience that they won’t be able to get anywhere else in London.

With large communal living areas, free Wi-Fi, an on-site basement bar and open planned dining areas, visitors have the chance to mingle, socialise and exchange experiences with other travellers.

Don’t just take our word for it though, thousands of travellers stay at Clink each year because of its charm, location and atmosphere.

Katie Dawes, aka The Hostel Girl, is one of those people having recently stayed at both of our hostels in November, stating:

“As a solo traveller, I stay in Clink hostels whenever I can, as their environment is incredible at encouraging interaction between guests!

Their fantastically artistic common areas are full of far more fun than I would get in a hotel, and this social atmosphere comes at such a great cost that money I save on accommodation by staying with them can be spent exploring the city (or partying!) with my new found friends!”

And, if you were wondering what those aforementioned prison cell rooms are like at Clink, Sabina, writer of the blog Girl vs Globe, produced this amazing video of her recent stay!


How much could you save?

To make sense of all of these numbers, check out the table below that puts staying at a Clink hostel vs staying in a 3 star hotel into perspective.

1 Night 2 Night 3 Night 4 Night 5 Night 6  Night 7 Night
3 Star Hotel £89 £178 £267 £356 £445 £534 £623
Mixed/ Girls’ dorms* £13 £26 £39 £52 £65 £78 £82
Saving £76  £152  £306  £304  £380  £456  £541 

*Price per person

If you’re like many of our visitors and you’re travelling on a budget, staying at Clink could help you save up to £76 per night, or if you stayed with us for a week you could save up to £541, just imagine what you could do with all that extra money!

So what are you waiting for? Clink has everything you need to make your trip to London an experience to remember, and that’s before you venture out into the city.

Check out our next article in this series to find out how to save on travel during your stay in London.

Planning your trip to London?  Find out more about Clink78 and Clink261, or visit our group accommodation page to find out more about our rates and best deals.