At Clink’s Travel Shop, Clink261’s reception or via our groups department (, we sell tickets for many tours and have lots available, so it’s perfect for last minute group bookings or to book in advance with our group’s team.

There are hundreds of things available to groups in London, so we have taken some of the most popular and detailed them below for you, so don’t miss out on having a more amazing London experience. Remember that all of these activities/tours are bookable through our groups department or travel shop, which come with discounts of our own at times.

Madam Tussauds

Madam Tussaurds has been a part of London and European history, ever since it opened over 200 years ago. Stand with some of you favourite celebrities, top sports stars, royalties or the best fictional celebrities. With no ropes or poles directing you where you can and can’t go, you can get right up and personal and get photos with them all. Prices start at £30.00 per person, but there is a possibility of getting up to 25% off to total price for your groups, with lots of extras included. Read more by clicking the link below.

Madam Tussauds

The Original Tour

With over 60 years of experience giving guided, bus, coach, boat and walking tours, The Original Bus Tour is a great way to get around London. The tour starts on 1 of 3 major routes, which consist of over 80 different stops. The ticket will last you a full 24hours and include a free river cruise, free guided walking tours, in many languages and free kids club and activities. This is a ideal tour for large groups, as they can cater for up to 50 people in 1 tour. Prices start from £25.00 for adults and £11.50 for children, but these prices can increase during the high season. Read more at the link below.

The Original Tour

Tower of London

Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress, known to most of the Tower of London is a historic white castle built in 1078 by William the Conqueror on the north bank of the River Thames in Central London. It holds many wonders and history of England, including the armour of formed conquerors and kings of England and one of the most spectacular items in the UK, The Crown Jules. The Tower of London is great for all the history buffs and those who like to learn about England’s dark history.  The Tower of London is open from 9am until 5pm every day and ticket prices start from £21.45, but prices can be as low as £17.55 for group bookings of 15 pax or more. Read more at the link below.

Tower Of London

City Cruises

Set sail on The Thames River, and don’t miss out on the 2000 years of history available on the banks of the Thames. There are several different types of cruises, a basic Sightseeing Cruise, Lunch/Tea Cruise, Dinner Cruise and special attraction cruises for special events. These cruise set sail from 4 different piers on the Thames, Westminster, London Eye, Tower and Greenwich Pier, every 30 minutes. These cruises last any thing from 20mins to 3 hours for the full cruise. Prices start from £8.55 in the low seasons. All groups are welcome, as each cruise can hold up to 50 pax, but can do mutable trips. To read more, please click the link below.

City Cruises

Shakespeare Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre stands only a few hundred yards from where the original, that William Shakespeare lived in and wrote many world renowned classics. The latest theatre was rebuilt to match the original design by American Actor and Director Sam Wanamaker, who also founded The Shakespeare Globe Trust. The Globe Theatre offers many different things to do for tourists and groups. You can either, take a basic tour of the theatre and learn a lot about the history of the building and William Shakespeare, or  you can attend the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, where you can watch some of the latest plays, or go to the Globe On Screen where you can watch original plays of some of William Shakespeare’s classic plays. Ticket prices vary depending on what activities and plays you want to take part in, but prices start from around £15.00 per person. To read more, please click the link below.

Globe Theatre

The activities and tours above are our most popular, but here is a short list of other activities and tours that can be booked directly with us a Clink Hostels.

London Dungeon

London Eye

London Aquarium

Tower Bridge

St. Pauls Cathedral

Simply Stonehenge

Warner Brothers Studio Tour

And Many More.

We also have travel cards available for large groups, so book now and don’t miss out on some of the most spectacular sights around London.

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