Its official! We’re finally seeing the city open back up. Events are getting lined up, thousands of people are getting vaccinated everyday and more than half of the UK is already double vaccinated.  But before you head out and start attending events,  find out everything you need to know about travelling to London this autumn!

Can I travel to the UK?
The whole of England including London is now open to visitors from any green listed country.

Are there any rules on travelling to London?
There are no special rules on travelling to London but for more info on the safety measures in the capital click here.

1. No Capacity Limits

As of July 2021, there is no legal limit on the number of people allowed at events, including at festivals, concerts &  nightclubs. Wahoo, time to shake your tail feather once again!  Just make sure to book your tickets in advance, in case there is a capacity limit.

Events in London | Glastonbury | All you need to know about events in London this Autumn

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2. Vaccination Proofs

The government has advised organisers to ask for an NHS QR code or vaccination proof before guest enter. Although There is no legal obligation for attendees to show anything at the entrance.  There is also no requirement for collecting any contact details but it is advised to help slow the spread of the virus – let’s all do our bit though right!

Download the covid-19 NHS App here 

NHS Track & Trace | Covid App | London Reopening

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3. Social Distancing

Again, there is no legal requirement by the government to wear face covering although social distancing is encouraged.  It’s the organiser’s responsibility to make sure that necessary steps are in place to reduce the risk of transmission. They are encouraged to make sure that workers at events are wearing a face mask & the venue is frequently cleaned, specially the hotspots that are touched often. 

Safety measures in London | Everything you need to know about events in London 2021 | Clink hostels

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Rest assured we’re taking care of all the protocols for the events at Clink78 & 261 in London! We cant wait to see you soon & enjoy the events happening in London this Autumn!

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