Do you love architecture, buildings from by-gone years side by side with modern mega-structures? Does design and infrastructure delight you? Most of all, would you like to get a glimpse of London on the inside? We have just thing.

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“The urban fabric of our community has such a strong impact on us on an everyday basis, but we never learn about it…” –

Open House

Celebrating twenty-three years of education and experience, Open House is London’s largest festival of architecture and infrastructure. As we know, the buildings of a city make-up more than just it’s skyline; they surround us, support us and often become beacons by which we define ourselves or our communities. With the changing perceptions and constantly evolving personality of London and Londoners, Open House offers the public access to buildings and spaces they’d normally never see. The aim is to engage with the buildings, with their purpose and how they serve the community and otherwise add (or remove) value from our lives.

Open House London, 19th/20th Spetember 2015- “Revealing”

“The architecture and spaces of our city are a fundamental reflection of our society and culture. The buildings we design and build today, and those from the past that we protect, will play a significant role in how our city and our society evolve in the future.” –

To the good people behind the incredibly popular Open House events, the public interest and engagement in design- especially the conscious choices made for the future designs of our cities- is incredibly important. The theme of the 2015 festival is “Revealing”; with issues such as air purity, the housing crisis and the preservation of historical buildings ever present, Open House aims to uncover potential solutions to these problems while encouraging the public to understand and participate in open dialogues and forums.

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The different categories and tours fall under:

*Audio described tours for blind and partially sighted people.

The event also includes open debates on city expansion, how healthy is London, games of Skyline chess and competitions galore.

How Do I Attend?

Of almost 800 venues included in the 2015 event, 90% are available on walk-in basis. However, with so much on offer you may want to plan your visits in advance.

You are able to order a print version of the programme online, but we’d suggest you go online and check out the Open House Website, which has full listings of all the buildings and spaces available, as well as special details for those you may need to book for.For those who find technology the easiest way forward, you can download the Open House app (now 69p, from September 2- £2.99).

Get in under the skin of City with Open House London.

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Written by Caitlin (A.K.A. The Indie Butterfly).

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