Have you ever heard about The British Music Experience ?

Taking place at O2 North Greenwitch ( Jubilee Line – zone2 ), The British Music Experience is a interactive museum going through ALL  the glorious history of British popular music by a time line ( edges zones ) from early 1950s to nowadays. Also, there are many attractions which are taking you  into the beloved Music planet .

“With over 3,000 images, 600 video clips, 3,000 artist videos and over 600 items of artist and music memorabilia, the British Music Experience is a must see for any music fan.”

“From the classic era defining sounds of The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Dusty Springfield… stadium filling giants like The Who and Queen… the irresistible anarchy of bands like The Specials and the Sex Pistols… right up to recent crowd-pleasers such as Spice Girls, Oasis, Coldplay, Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys and much, much, more.”

Your entrance pass is a Smart Ticket which gives you the possibility to record, simply by swiping the ticket at each spot, to catch up at home, every single information you will see and that you would like to reading quietely once again later : “The more you ‘beep’ the more you keep!” Who wouldn’t like to ‘take’ some parts of a museum with them back home?

The British Music experience also has several special attractions such as The Gibson interactive studio , where you can learn, play and record yourself on different instruments. And it is an amazing experience. Trust me, I’ve tried it and it’s absolutely Awesome even if you don’t have proper skills for it!

I will keep to myself many others amazing spots, so you can be surprised and with your mouth wide-open once you get there. But here it goes a small teaser: http://www.britishmusicexperience.com, you can add their Spotifi playlist through their website, from each edges zones, they have actually very nice selections.

It’s an absolutely exciting timeline of all the music movements which made UK’s bands/artists such famous worldwide as they are today !!!

Just GO ..believe me.. you won’t regret it ;)


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