I know some of you might be happy (and a bit tipsy) if you are now  in Munich celebrating the famous Oktoberfest; but if you are lucky enough to be in London this week, you can also get to taste a few good rounds of beers! Here they go my favourite 5 spots across London to have a pint during the afternoon!

  1. The White Horse (Brixton). Go all the way down on the Victoria Line and hit the multicultural Brixton. Located on Brixton Hill, this place has really good vibes. Nice decoration and good atmosphere  any day of the week. They also have quite a numerous selection of beers and ales and their food is unbelievable good (and quite cheap!)
  1. The White Hart in Stoke Newington High Street. Definitely a “must” during the summer time because of the huge beer-garden. It is also a really nice place to go to during colder times.  Spacious and lively, it is a great place to have a beer in the trendy Stokie!
  1. The Cole Hole. Located on Strand (Covent Garden tube Station) it is a quirky spot to go before enjoying a nice evening at a West End Show. It is not really pricey (taking into account that you are in Central/touristic London) and they have a huge selection on ales. What is an ale? This is the place to find it out!
  1. The Lexington. Just a short walk away from Clink 78 (96-98 Pentonville Road) this place has attitude. Enjoy a bit of wine, bourbon or some beer because they have a wide selection of everything. It is perfect for a laid-back chat between 4 and 7pm. If you get carried away, you might enjoy some live music as well since they have bands playing live almost every day of the week.
  1. Clash Bar. I would say this is the perfect spot for our tired and eager-of-fun travellers. With different themes and parties every week, you can always enjoy a good beer or a special cocktail. Our amazing bar staff are simply great and will try their best to make you enjoy your time there. Open from 7pm, it is the perfect place to meet fellow travellers, share some stories and decide where you will go next.



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