We’ve got a great team working at our hostels in London and Amsterdam. In our ClinkCOMMUNITY posts, you can get to know them all a bit better. Have a chat when you come to stay – they’re a friendly bunch!

Here’s some of the Amsterdam team ….

Justina – Team Leader

Justina works as a ClinkNOORD Team Leader, making sure reception is running smoothly and everyone is happy! She’ s originally from Lithuania. She speaks Lithuanian, English and is learning Dutch. She’s a graphic & interior designer and she is seen as our of our in-house creative wiz who helps make ClinkNOORD look so great! She won the Clinkee ‘ray of sunshine’ award at the NOORD Christmas party.

She loves the architecture of Amsterdam, especially the narrow canal houses, but she also likes the newer buildings too. One of her favourite spots in the city is the NDSM Warf. She likes the cool industrial architecture combined with the nice social and lively atmosphere, especially on sunny days. Besides architecture, she really enjoys the open-minded and liberal minded mindset of the people of Amsterdam.

A quote that Justina lives by is: ‘Create, have goals and never stop dreaming’. Justina thinks it is important to believe in something and to find new paths to explore. She’s have noticed from own experience that if you stop making new plans featuring things that make you happy you can start to feel down.

Kike – Receptionist


Kike is our superstar receptionist language hero – he speaks 7 languages! He said it’s a great way to keep the mind agile and that means there’s much less chance of him getting Alzheimer’s in his old age – always a good thing!

The main reason, however, that Kike loves speaking languages, is that it allows him to get to know so many different people and their cultures. When Kike isn’t practicing his language skills at ClinkNOORD reception, he likes going to one of Amsterdam’s parks. For him, they feel like little villages where he can watch the world go by. Kike also loves a trip to the cinema. His favourite cinema in Amsterdam is Tuschinski. It’s a 1920’s building that has a stunning interior with a mixture of styles -Amsterdam School, Jugendstil, Art nouveau and Art Deco.

His advice to other people? Travel, travel, travel! For him travelling is like living: you are what you travel. “I am a citizen of the world.”

Wiktoria – Team Leader

A fun fact about Wiktoria is that she is an excellent dramatic storyteller and actress. She makes the Reception her amphitheater and guests and colleagues her crowd. The only thing that stops her acting career progressing is the fact that, most of the time, she finds her own stories so funny that she just starts laughing, and never finishes them!

Originally from a small village in Poland, Wiktoria can speak Polish, English, a little bit Dutch and Arabic. Wiktoria loves Amsterdam for its international and multicultural spirit. She believes you can learn a lot about yourself through the eyes of different cultures and, ultimately, that will make you richer.

A quote that Wiktoria lives by is that, ‘You are never to old to learn something new’. She is inspired by her mum who is learning how to speak English at fifty years old.


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