Clink’s Guide to Free Walking Tours of London

On a tight budget, but want to to get a good view of London, well look no further. Here is our guide to the best Free Walking Tours of London.

There are many different types of walking tours around London for most peoples interests. From all the latest and modern architecture, to some tours of London’s darker side and of course, lots of tours on the history of one of the worlds most popular cities.

To start with, Clink78 has a tour that meets in our own reception at 10am every day, but if you miss the pick up from reception, the tour starts at 10am, 11am and 2pm. This tour starts in front of the Apple Store in Covent Garden. Just look for the team with the red SANDEMANs NEW Europe umbrella ( The tour is guided by self employed guides that have a high knowledge of London and the places they will take you around London. The guides will take you round some of London’s most iconic and well known areas, including Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament and many many more places. This tour lasts up to 2 and a half hours and tips are suggested to be given to tour guides, as they do not get paid for their knowledge or the tour. Out of most of the tours Clink suggests to our guests, this one is number 1. All staff suggest that you take this tour while in London, as it is interesting, exciting and informative.

The second tour we would suggest, is Free Tours by Foot’s, London All-In-One Day tour. This tour departs from Green Park Station @ Piccadilly every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and goes on for around 6 hours. This tour is the best tour for those who are in London for only a few days and want to get to see all the major tourist attractions cheaply and in a day. The tour utilises the underground to get to each attraction, which you will have to pay for your self, but you get a chance to see The London Eye, The Tower of London, Tate Modern, The Millenium Bridge and many many more places. To check the availability and to book this tour, please visit the following link.

Click Here

We also suggest taking the Crime and Punishment in East London Tour. This is definitely one for all of you that love to learn about the dark side of history. The tour takes you through the streets of Smithfield and Clerkenwell, away from the tourist areas of East London. The tour highlights centuries of history  and the stories of those who stood up to Crown and King and paid the price. It will take you back in time and slowly bring you back through the rebel movements, the evolution of crime and law and the meaning of ‘justice’ throughout London’s dark history. It is a definate must for those who like a alternative and off the beaten track, spin of Londons barbaric and manic history of crime and punishment.

This tour starts outside café Nero @ St. Paul’s Underground Station every Sunday @ 2:30pm. Too book, please visit the below link.

Click Here

There I one tour that we would suggest but is not free. It is a fascinating, hilarious and completely inaccurate look on the history of some of London’s major attractions. The tour is called Bullshit London Tour. It is a walking tour run by 2 professional comedians call Terry Chatshit and B.S. Elliot. All the facts on the tour are presented in a comedic way and are completely untrue, apart from the odd fact, which if you catch the true fact, then you will be allowed to make up one of your own lies about the area, which will be added to the tour. So why not go learn where Queen Victoria exploded or learn where the Roman renaissance movement started, with this amazing and sidesplittingly funny tour, you will have a unforgettable time.

This tour starts in May 2014 and runs every Thursday @ 7pm from outside the steps of St. Paul’s cathedral. Tours can also be arranged for different times, for groups of 6 people or more. The tour costs £10.00 per person and runs for about 2 hours.

To book tickets and for more information, please visit the below link: Bull Shit London

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