Lots of people these days are interested in keeping fit and doing different types of sports. There are many things to do, like going for a run or walk, going to the gym, or doing yoga. But these can be boring for a lot of people, especially if they prefer more fun sporting activities. Well they’re not your only options while visiting London, as there are many alternative and extreme sports to enjoy.

Rock Climbing

Why not test your skills at rock climbing. There are many centres around London with climbing walls available, and many are cheap to use. One of our favourite places in the city is The Arch Climbing Wall. The centre contains more than 11,000 square foot of climbing space, with over 360 different boulder problems that change every month.

Paintball and Laser Tag

If rock climbing isn’t your thing, why not put yourself and your friends to the test by having a go at paintball or laser tag. There are two main places in London where you can have a go at this adrenaline pumping sport.

The first one is located at Charing Cross, called Mayhem Paintball Games. They have 22 themed playing fields, including two full sized Call of Duty replica maps, equipped with real military vehicles and a full sized tank! Within the other maps there are full sized buildings, shipping crate forts, buses, and many other stealthy hiding spots to line up a shot. They offer top of the range equipment, including double glazed goggles that don’t mist up when you wear them.

The second one is The Paintball Centre at Canary Wharf, which has the largest indoor paintballing grounds in the UK. The award winning facility is conveniently located in central London. Three play zones feature professional elements including The Tiger Tank, a 2/3rds life-sized military tank.


If you prefer something more relaxing then give kayaking a go. There are lots of outdoor tours, trips and private hire of kayaks around London, so you will always have one near you. The good ones are kayaking in Hyde Park on the Serpentine and the Thames River on the Regents Canals. Not only is kayaking more relaxed, but it also gives you the chance to see London from a different angle.

Alternative Sports

There are other ‘sports’ available if you prefer something less intense. For example,  London has many Go Kart tracks to choose from, but the most popular ones are run by Teamsport. They have 4 tracks and the most popular is located at London Bridge, boasting a 2 floored track for all your racing thrills and spills.

Another great alternative sport, if you can call it that, is bungee jumping at London Bridge. Do you think you are brave enough to take a 160 foot plunge towards the River Thames and bounced back up in the air a few times? If taking to heights isn’t your thing, then why not diving into the deep? That’s right, you can goscuba diving in London, but we’re afraid this doesn’t take place in the Thames. But you can learn to scuba dive in an indoor training facility with some seasoned veterans. For more information on alternative sports in London, check out Extreme Element’s website and book now!


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