There are many great ways to see London, but here at Clink Hostels, we suggest doing one of the many bike tours around the capital. Believe us when we say, there are a lot to choose from.

Fat Tire Bike Tours

A great company to do a bike tour with is London Fat Tire Bike Tours. They offer three different tours, two of which are available during the day and one that takes place in the evening. Each one lasts around four hours.

The first tour is called the Royal London Bike Tour. This shows you all the attractions to do with Queen and Country, including The Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Royal Parks, Trafalgar Square, and many more! The price is only £20.00 per person, which is not a bad price for four hours.

The second tour is the Thames River Bike Tour. Starting at the London Eye, you will be taken along the banks of the Thames and shown all the best sights. You will learn about the history of each street, building and structure, including Tower Bridge, St. Pauls Cathedral, Tower of London, and many more. This is a bit more expensive than the Royal London Bike Tour as it costs £28.00 per person. It also takes place on a lot more roads, so it is not recommended for novice cyclists or young children.

The third tour is the River Thames Evening Tour which essentially follows the same route as the normal tour. However, this offers the chance to stop at one of London’s popular pubs for a quick pint. This is a great option for more experienced and confident cyclists. You are however not advised to bring small children. This is the most expensive tour, but as a drink is included, the price of £32.00 per person is still fair.

London Bicycle Tour Company

Another great company is The London Bicycle Tour Company. They offer more tours than Fat Tire Bike Tours, including half day tours, full day tours, 4 day tours, and personal hire. The most popular choice is the half day tour, which starts from around £24.00 per person and offers you the choice to take in Central,West End and East London, as well as Night tour, and  Private, or Group Tours.

All of these last for different durations  ranging between 3-4 hours. Some of them are not for novice cyclists, and booking is requested but not essential. These are a great option if you want to see large parts of the city, as they will take you to more than 30 different attractions around London. The full day tours are not for the unfit, though, as they last around 7-9 hours. The tours are priced between £50.00 and £120.00 depending on which you would prefer.

The tours on offer are The Olympic Tour, Summer Saturday or Sunday Tours (Regal Greenwich and The Games Tour) and Hampton Court. If the day tours are too short for you and you want to see more of London on a bicycle, , then why not take their 4 day bike tour, where they will show you and tell you all you need to know about London. They start every Friday morning during July and August until Monday evening. You are given an exact outline of where to meet each day and where the route.

If you like doing your own thing instead, then you can hire bikes and do your own thing. Prices start from £20.00 per day, with discounts available depending on how long you hire. They have many bikes to choose from, including kids, city sport, folding, and mountain bikes, as well as many more. These are available for hire from Central London, Olympic Park or Bexhill Seaside.

Tally Ho! Cycle Tours!

Finally, for a great British hipster experience, you should try Tally Ho! Cycle Tours. Established in 2011, the company has knowledgeable tour guides who provide a bit of a comic twist. The tours are rated 5/5 on Trip Advisor, which shows how much of an enjoyable experience they are. They boast 4 main reasons to choose them over other companies, as shown below:

  1. Small Groups. We like to keep our groups small to ensure your safety and enjoyment. Our daily tours are open to adult riders only. This enables us to see much more of London, and stop at the pub!”
  2. Local Guides. We are a small, independent British company who believe in providing unforgettable experiences of London. Our guides are all local Londoners who love sharing their passion for the city.”
  3. Fantastic Bicycles. Our luxury ‘Pashley’ bikes are handmade in England in a traditional classic style. They have big ‘ding dong’ bells, baskets and comfy seats. Check them out here.
  4. Fun Facts.  Tours stop regularly at interesting places so that you can take photos and listen to your guide recount fun London facts and interesting historical tales. You’ll be amazed at what you learn!”

The four tours they have on offer are London Landmarks, Old City, River Thames, and the Traditional Pub Tour (which is actually a walking tour). All tours start from around £23.00 per person.

If a paid tour isn’t your thing…

If you’re not interested in a paid tour, you can use one of the Barclays Cycle Hire Bikes (A.K.A. Boris Bikes). These are available at various locations around London and provide a fun and cheap way to see all the sights and attractions. If you want to get to certain locations around London, the bikes are free from any extra charge, if taken out and docked at another docking station within 30 minutes.

The price is £2.00 which will pay for your code for 24hrs, for unlimited 30 minute or less journeys. Cost rises to an extra £1 if used for up to an hour. However, if you use them for an extended time without docking the bike, they can get expensive. There are lots of docking stations throughout London, though, and you will not have trouble finding one.


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