With the weather starting to change back to the cold and damp British weather we all know and love, it’s time to start planning nice relaxed evenings out in London. A night at one of London’s many cinemas is a great way for you to spend your evenings away from the wind and rain whilst watching the latest films.

With over one hundred cinemas across the capital you are spoilt for choice, but we have listed our favourites that will meet all your cinema needs.

BFI IMAX Cinema:

Also known as ‘the best cinema in London’, the BFI IMAX Cinema boasts to have both the biggest screen and the best sound system in all of the UK.

Ticket prices will vary depending on the film and whether it’s a premier showing, but they usually range around £15-£17 per person. However, although this cinema offers a capacity of over 500 in one screen, getting tickets last minute can be quite difficult due to the popularity of the cinema, so it is always advised to book in advance.

Curzon – Mayfair:

This luxury cinema is great for anyone who wants to feel like a celebrity for the evening as you relax in the extremely comfortable, extra-large chairs whilst sipping on champagne or your favourite cocktail and eating strawberries. You can even opt to sit in one of the “Royal Boxes” that are available.

Our favourite thing about the Curzon is that not only do they show the latest films, but they also show live shows and ballet performances so you have a choice of evening entertainment.

Prices start from around £15.00 per person but can get more expensive depending on what you are going to see and where you are going to sit.

Vue – Islington:

Vue Islington is perfect if you are staying at Clink78 or Clink261 as it is only about a 15-20 minute walk away. What makes it stand out above the rest is that it is located inside the N1 shopping centre, so there are plenty of restaurants and cafes you can go to before or after your film.

Ticket prices start from around £10.00 per person, which is one of the cheapest you will find in the city.

Odeon’s – The Lounge

Located in Whiteley’s in London, The Lounge is one of the best cinema experiences you will ever have, without having to pay extremely high prices.

The Lounge not only offers you double the amount of leg room, but your seat also reclines and has a button to call a waiter over to your seat so you can get drinks and food delivered directly to your seat from the kitchen!

With only fifty seats per screen, this is one of the most intimate cinemas you will ever go to.

However, prices aren’t cheap with tickets start from around £18.00 per person with the food being an addition £10.00 or more per person. We think this amazing, one off experience is worth it though.

The Electric

Located in Notting Hill, this fantastic little cinema and playhouse is one of the oldest in London, but has the perfect combination of reclining seats, foot stools, drink and food.

If you’re feeling peckish, you can choose between Tapas before you go in to the screen or freshly made fish and chips as you watch the film.  What’s more, this very unique cinema has the perfect balance of latest releases, the best classics and independent films, so you are always spoilt for choice when choosing what you want to watch.

The Electric offers you the chance to just go in and have a sit down meal or drink at their bar without having to watch a film, which makes it the perfect place for an evening out. Prices for a ticket start at around £15.00 per person, which doesn’t include any food or drink.


If none of these cinemas are for you, why not head down to Clink78 on Sunday when we host our weekly cinema club in our TV room for all our guests. For more information, pop into our TravelShop today!

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