No matter whether you are a thrill seeker, love the wet and wild, or prefer the tea cups, London is a great place stay if you want to go for some of the UK’s best Theme Parks and Funfairs. For those of you who have got no clue what a Theme Park or Funfairs is there is a short explanation for both below:

Theme Parks

A Theme Park (also known as an amusement park) is a place where the attractions are made up from rides, such as roller coasters and water rides. They usually contain a selection of rides, as well as shops, restaurants, and other themed entertainment features. These attractions are not just for kids, though, but for people of any age!


A Funfair (mainly known as a Fair) is a small to medium sized show that travels around the country or the world. There are usually comprised of stalls, fun houses and basic flat pack rides.

Attractions in and Around London

London hosts many Funfairs every year, as well as many permanent theme parks within a short travel distance from the centre of the city. Below is a list of our favourite choices for you to sink your teeth into:

●        Chessington World of Adventure: A great place for everyone as this is not just a Theme Park, but consists of a Zoo, Sea Life Centre and Live entertainment shows that are fun no matter your age.

●        Thorpe Park: One of the UK’s most popular Theme Parks, “Thorpe Park is an island like no other!” Just 20 minutes from central London, the park consists of 27 different rides including the dreaded Colossus, the gravity defying Nemesis, the horror inducing Saw – The Ride, and the silent destroyer Stealth, as well as many other rides and attractions for your adrenaline pumping needs.

●        LEGOLAND Windsor: No matter your age, everyone loves playing with Lego, or so we like to think, so why not visit a mini London, a miniature set of Star Wars or Atlantis. Or you might take a fancy to some Lego go-karting or a water ride. It’s all on offer at LEGOLAND Windsor!

●        London Dungeon: Scare yourself silly at this fantastically themed adventure park. The Dungeon is the ultimate thrill-filled journey through London’s dark and haunted past. With over 1000 years of history to learn about in 90 minutes, the well-trained actors will have you laughing and scare the pants off you. There are mazes, rides, storytelling, special effects, and many more entertaining attractions.

●        Go Ape at Trent Park: For high flying forest fun, Go Ape is the best place for you! Being the number one forest adventure park, it’s all about living life adventurously and getting back with your inner tree swinger! Fly down zip wires, leap out of trees or tackle the dangerous crossings, all with the amazing scenery of the forest around you!

●        Harry Potter Studios: People all over the world love the Harry Potter films and books, so head on over to the Warner Brothers Studios to see many of the animatronics and sets from the films. You might even get the chance to take a ride on a broomstick and truly feel like you are a part of the Harry Potter world!

●        Funfair: If theme parks aren’t your thing and you prefer things on the smaller side, then Carnivals/The Funfair is for you! London has many throughout the capital every year, including a funfair at nearly every big festival in London. To find out more about where some of these funfairs will be held, click here.

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