Over the past few years London has been hit with a shower of snow every winter, and, as we anticipating snow to fall this year, we are going to take a look at everything you can do when it snows in a big city!

Luckily there are plenty of things you can do in London, whether you want to make the most of the snow or if you just want to hide away from in a cosy corner out of the cold:

Snow Sledding at Hampstead Heath

This is one of our favourite spots to visit in London, especially when it has snowed! Hampstead Heath has two things in particular that make it awesome in the snow:

  • A beautiful view of London whilst it is wrapped in a stunning blanket of snow.
  • A nice big hill perfect for sledding on.

No matter your age you are sure to enjoy a snow day at Hampstead Heath, and it will make you feel like a little kid again.

Warm Up with a Typical British Pub Meal

Kings Cross and the surrounding area are home to many great British Pubs that offer up delicious pub classics, including Toad in the Hole and Bangers ‘n’ Mash.

For the best pub grub in the Kings Cross area, we would suggest The Big Chill House on Pentonville Road. If you’re looking for British dishes with a unique twist, why not check out The Fellow on York Way!

Build a Snowman in Regents Park

Nothing takes you back to your childhood like building your very own snowman – even if they never do look as good as they do on TV.

Regents Park is the perfect place to work on and show off your snowman building skills as there is over 400 acres of green land that will be covered in snow. For the best and freshest snow, make sure you get down early!

Regents Park is only a short walk from both Clink78 and Clink261 so you can spend more time playing in the snow!

Visit one of London’s Fantastic Museums

London is home to world renowned museums that are the perfect place to escape from the snow!

Although the majority of London’s museums may seem like quite the journey away in the snow, thanks to the London Underground there is no need to worry about this.

We suggest checking out the Natural History Museum and Science Museum on Exhibition Road – two massive museums that will keep you entertained all day until that pesky snow melts away.

Snowball Fight in Hyde Park

Although you can have a snowball fight anywhere, to avoid upsetting passers-by we would advise going to London’s most famous park.

This mammoth 625 acre park is one of our favourite places for a snowball fight as there is always enough snow and space available for you and your friends to have the best snowball fight in London.

Don’t forget to wrap up warm, wear your thickest, water proof gloves and be careful in the snowy weather!


If you’re still looking for inspiration on what to do when it snows in London, make sure you pop into our TravelSHOP at Clink78 or reception at Clink261 to find out more on all the great activities available!

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