London is perfect for family getaways. While there are countless things to do and see for adults, there are also endless surprises for kids. You and your kids will definitely enjoy with the array of kiddie stuffs to do and see in London. Kids have different preferences. This is a fact. What your friend’s kids enjoy may not be as enjoyable for your own kids. Good thing there is a variety of kids’ attractions in London. Your kids will surely find what they wanted most.

Here are some of the places to see and things to do with your kids while in London:

City Tour

A good way to appreciate London is to tour its famous landmarks and city prides. The Tower Of London and Tower Bridge are ideal because of their historical and educational aspects. Your kids will also enjoy the numerous wax figures at the Madame Tussauds. If your kids are a bit adventurous, let them experience the London Dungeon. It may be scary but it is educational as the shows are based on the real dark history of London.


Museums are best for kids as they are explorative in nature and at the same time entertaining. A visit to London museums will awaken the explorative side of your kids. Art and history museums may not be as interesting as the Science Museum. Kids are less patient than adults. Furthermore, they are less inclined with arts. While some kids will appreciate art museums, most of them will be interested with what can be seen at the Science Museum. The gadgets and interactive features of this museum are highly attractive for kids.


London has a number of parks that are ideal for family day outs. Your kids will love running around the wide greens. There are also exciting features in the park that your kids can discover. The Royal Parks are the best parks to go. The Royal Parks include the St. James’s Park, Hyde Park, Regents Park, The Green Park, Kensington Gardens, Greenwich Park, Richmond Park, and the Bushy Park. There are also theme parks in London like the Legoland, Chessington World of Adventures and the Thorpe Park.

London is for tourists of all ages. As much as you will enjoy this city, so will your kids. There are several more exciting treats for kids in London. There are toy shops, zoo and entertainment venues.

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