When visiting London 95% of tourists use the London Underground (aka Tube) as it is one of the easiest ways to get around London. Now over 150 years old, the London Underground was opened in 1863, which now consists of the Metropolitan and Hammersmith Line. As the years progressed, more lines were added on like the City and South London Railway, which is now apart of the northern line. The Underground network has now expanded to 11 line, with many more to be introduced within the next 10 years, to make better services. By 2013, the London Underground had carried more than 1 Billion customers.

There are many sites to see when you are on the Tube. A lot of the stations have been decorated in my different fashions, but one of the main themes is the 1920’s London underground theme. If you are really lucky, you may even get a chance to spot a celebrity. There are a lot of charity orientated events that happen on the tube line, like no trowsers day or fancy dress events. If you look hard enough, you will see many people in fancy dress in the Underground.

The underground runs all day from early in the morning, but the last tube is at around 12am. After that you will have to rely on Londons amazing bus service until around 5-6am. There are plans in place for 2015 to have some of the tube lines running all night at weekends. These lines will be The Northern Line, Victoria Line, Piccadilly Line and Central Line. This is something we are all quite excited about, as it will mean easier access to lots of London’s top night spots and it means that people would be able to get back to the hotels/hostels with ease.

You can book any tube tickets with us in the travel shop, but if you are a group of 15 people or more, we will require you to contact our groups department and book them in advance, as they we may not have enough stocked at the travel shop for larger groups.

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