Apps don’t make the world go round but they certainly help when you’re travelling. There are dozens of great apps you can use to make your stay in London even better. Below are a few of our favourites!

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1. CityMapper (London)

CityMapper is one of the most useful Apps for travelling around London. It is for good reason that the app has won countless awards, including the Best Overall Mobile App 2014. It is the App for navigating around the whole city, keeping you up to date on any delays, closures and disruptions to public transport.

CityMapper uses your phone’s GPS to find our location and is then able to direct you to the closest public transport. If you prefer, it can order you a taxi and tell you the price for the journey from the collection point. However, if traveling under your own steam is more your kind of thing, then let CityMapper count the calories you’ve burned whilst walking, running or cycling around this great city.

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2. Google Maps

Most travellers are familiar with google maps nowadays if you’re not where have you been hiding?! This app does what it says on the tin, it’s a digital map that gets you from point A to point B. Simply punch in the address of your desired location (make sure your location services are switched on), select your preferred mode of transport and simply follow the route on the screen.

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If you’re in a rush, have lots of luggage or fancy sightseeing whilst travelling across London, we recommend getting yourself an uber. It’s by far the easiest way to get a taxi in London and it’s usually the cheapest. The app is super easy to use and their pool services are particularly useful for those budget conscious travellers.

3. Santander Cycles 

London’s a busy city but it’s also a bicycle-friendly city, so why not let Santander Cycles help you explore the capital on two wheels.

Santander Cycles is a network of publicly available bikes that you can pick up from docking stations all around the city. The Santander Cycles app uses your location information to help you plan your journeys using London’s extensive network of bicycle lanes and roads. It gives you route maps and traffic information as well as showing you the nearest docking stations, so you can hand back your bike at the end of each journey.

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4. Mobile Banking Apps 

When on your travels, it’s inevitable that you will need to move some money around. Even the best budgeters struggle to predict how much cash they might need to spend each day and sometimes, you just need to be spontaneous. That’s why we suggesting downloading a mobile banking app, this way you can keep on top of your finances whilst on the go! Plus, if you have a super snazzy mobile you can even upload your card and use your phone to pay with contactless, which great for those travellers prone to losing things on the road.

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5. OpenTable

London is a gourmet heaven on any budget but finding where to eat and getting the best dinner deals can be tough when you’re in an unfamiliar city, especially one as busy as London. OpenTable is the perfect dining companion. Not only does it show you the location of approximately 80% of London’s best restaurants and enables you to make reservations, but it also lets you know what price bracket the restaurant is in, what’s on offer and, gives you discount codes and vouchers to help you eat well for less. Yum!

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6. Google Translate

If you’re planning a visit to London but English isn’t your first language then we recommend getting the Google Translate app. Its user-friendly interface lets you translate words, web pages, and even spoken phrases, all for free. Making it super handy for when you’re on your travels and meeting new people from all over the world.

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7. TfL Oyster App

The TfL Oyster app makes using London’s transport services a breeze. It also saves time queuing at ticket machines! The app enables you to use your phone to top up your Oyster card with credit and Travelcards. It also lets you see where you’ve been and how much it’s cost you. For those who struggle with budgeting, it will also give you notifications when your balance or Travelcard is about to run out… Handy right?

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8. Pub Finder

Fancy a pint? Pub Finder uses GPS/3G/WiFi to find the best pubs nearby and chooses one at random, saving you the laborious task of choosing a boozer! If you don’t like the pub the app chooses for you, hit the button and another place will be picked!

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New Apps

It’s pretty much impossible to give a list of all the good apps available for modern travellers, especially when new apps are released almost every day! If you know of any apps that have proven handy whilst travelling, then please let us know so we can share your find with other guests at Clink Hostels.

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