It’s not easy to move in a new and there are some essentials points to check before leaving your country. Have a read below

Before leaving your country :

  • Keep photocopies of your ID or Passport on you, it is advisable to place your originals safe oncearrived, for instance you will need a passport to open a bank account.
  • Life in Britain, and especially London, is more expensive than in other European countries, therefore it is important to start with a good supply of money and an international credit card such as Visa / Mastercard to cope with all eventualities.

In London, you’ll need at least £ 1,000 to get you on your feet.

– Rent: between £ 400 for a shared room and £ 800 for a double/single room in flatshare or house share in Zone 1-3 (note, however, that all expenses such as water, electricity, … but also the council tax are usually included in the rent)
In addition, you will be asked for a deposit of 2 to 8 weeks that you will get back when you will leave or it will be deduce from your last rent.
– Transport: £ 116 for zones 1 and 2 metro + bus all zones,
Food: around £ 200 for your food,
Interests: around £ 150 for outings, movies, bars, restaurants, sports, …
– Phone: £ 20 or more for calls in Britain average.

All this data is for informational purposes and may vary from one person to another.

Don’t forget : 1 or 2 USB key, Padlock, Notebook + pen + basic folder to put your CV in for instance..

Also, to be absolutely independent on your researches the best is to bring your own laptop with you, then you won’t have to spend money and time at the internet cafe.

On arrival in London:

  • Get a UK mobile number : either a single SIM card if your mobile phone is already unlock or a new phone with SIM card, there are good offers in UK, and then update your CV with it!
  • Buy an Oyster card and get a weekly pass for zone 1 and 2, in order to move unlimited yourdifferent first duties.
  • Get your CV sorted in English (note the literal translation from your language may not be understood, so the best is to get it read by a native english person, adapt your CV depending on the type of position you are targeting)
  • Buy a London A to Z, this will be your bible and is way more efficient than any free map provided.
  • Apply for a NIN , registration is essential as soon as you start work: the National Insurance Numberwhich you will be given will serve not only to your work BUT ALSO to benefit from access to medical care.

1st step: You must make an appointment with the Job Centre Plus nearest you. To do this, you must call the switchboard: 0845 600 0643. An appointment will be given in 4 to 6 weeks. During the interview, come equipped with a certificate of employment (Work Agreement) or an employment contract, you will receive a temporary National Insurance Number. A final numberwill be sent approximately 8 weeks after your application when you receive your card. For more info

  • Apply on line as much as possible, through websites like Gumtree or, most of employers are recruiting on line, so the best way to get quickly every day all the adverts corresponding to what you are looking for , is to set up alert emails through those websites so then every morning you can check them out on your inbox before going to a door to door session.
  • Open a bank account: compare different offers (free / paid). Do not change all your money at the airport or in the stations where the rates are not advantageous, go for places where there is 0% commissions!!

Here are a few more helpful hints:

Beware of scams: Never send money from France to book your accommodation or even a photocopy of your identity documents. Never give an advance without seeing the housing.

Wait to be in London to seek shelter because to find an accommodation, clean and healthy, relatively well situated, is far from impossible.

Watch TV with English subtitles

Listen to the Radio

Read books and newspapers in English , keeping close to you

Speak as much as possible don’t be shy

Don’t stay with people from the same country than you..

get involved with new persons, get to know differents cultures, way of life, make new friends!!

Be Smart, Curious and Careful

and the essential >> GO OUT, DON’T STAY IN because that’s the best way to meet new friends and discover London.

Good Luck ;)

Stephanie Buchmann – Receptionist at Clink78

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