Katharina Konte Illustration @ ClinkNOORD

We were happy to welcome Katharina Konte to ClinkNOORD this summer. Katharina is a talented illustrator who came to work her magic on the walls of some of our private rooms. The idea was to combine different styles and patterns to create a unique look for each room. In one of the rooms she’s painted a beautiful dreamcatcher that weaves its way right around the room. In another, an intricate geometric pattern. Of this piece Katharina said ‘the triangles symbolise the unity between body, mind and soul, which should help guests sleeping in here to achieve the perfect disco nap!’


Katharina also took the opportunity to liven up the windows in our Guest Kitchen. She drew inspiration from Amsterdam’s famous narrow houses, bringing them to life with different colours and styles.

Katharina grew up in Munich. She’s a keen traveller so picks up lots of ideas from different countries and cities, different cultures, architecture. Her son Oscar and husband Ben also inspire her on a daily basis! Before she set up as an independent illustrator she had worked at various agencies and in the photography and fashion industries.


Katharina came to us through our Stay & Create programme. If you’re an artist who might be interested in working in one of our spaces, get in touch at info@clinkcreative.com.

Take a look at Katherina’s facebook and instragram pages and her website to see more of her work.

All photos / videos by Ben Konte



You can nearly always catch artists or musicians roaming the halls of ClinkNOORD. If you fancy rubbing shoulders with them and checking out some proper creative talent then book yourself a bed at our Amsterdam


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