A mound of succulent meat. Delicious potatoes, crisped in duck fat, accompanied by fluffy Yorkshire puddings and rivers of rich home-made gravy. Sweetly glazed carrots and seasonal vegetables in abundance. Is there anything about a traditional Sunday roast lunch that doesn’t sound mouth-watering?

Like many prevailing traditions, the definitive history behind the British Roast is unclear, however it remains a loved staple of British cuisine. Though chicken, pork and lamb are all options for the meal, those looking for a truly authentic choice will always select a good hunk of beef. In centuries past, the richer families would leave a large joint of beef to roast slowly over a fire while they attended church, and those less wealthy would take smaller cuts of the meat to cook in the cooling bread ovens of the nearest bakery.

Years have passed since the days of fireplace spits, however the spirit of the Sunday Lunch has not been lost. London is full to the brim of gastro-pubs and restaurants offering delicious meals and fine ales to complement them. Keeping in consideration our travel budgets and situation in Kings Cross, we’ve put together a list of the best places to get your British fix next weekend.


The Marquis Cornwallis (Bloomsbury)


Just around the corner from Kings Cross, this little pub is set in a period mansion and refers to itself as “A Bloomsbury pub of grandiose proportions”. With craft beers and a great wine selection on offer alongside the traditional Sunday meal, you can expect your main meal to start from £12.50.

The Jolly Butchers (Stoke Newington)

jolly butchers

Rated by the Guardian as one of Britain’s Top Ten pubs, this establishment offers a fantastic selection of seasonal local produce, accompanied by a drinks menu that changes weekly. With a sister pub (The Crown & Anchor) in Brixton should they be full on your visit, a roast main here starts at £9.90.

The Hawksmoor (Seven Dials)


Known for their top-notch Sunday offerings, all of the Hawskmoor venues can be relied on for a delicious and hearty roasts. Seven Dials boasts fantastic food alongside bespoke cocktails at a reasonable price – starting the roast over charcoal before given an oven finish, the main meal comes in at £19.95.

The Pig and Butcher (Islington)  

pig and butcher

As you can tell from the name, this London pub takes a lot of pride in its meaty offerings. Just up the road from Kings Cross in Islington, they receive their produce whole and butcher on site – returning to the pubs roots as a 19th century eatery. A main will set you back upwards of £16.95.

The Coach and Horses (Soho)

coach and horses

Yay vegetarians! This Greek Street public house is the only vegetarian/vegan pub in London, and shares a history with infamous landlords and well known journalists. The focus here is on supplying the freshest food prepared daily. You can expect to find lentil stuffed roast brinjals in place of beef, with a set Sunday lunch costing just £11.95.

The Duke of Wellington (Dalston)

duke of wellington

A seriously traditional London pub, the Duke has occupied the same site since 1842. Their food puts emphasis on providing superior quality from local suppliers, so you’re going to get the best of British here. More restaurant than pub, a Sunday main starts at £12.00.


With this guide at your side you’re guaranteed a great London Lunch. For those slightly more adventurous and interested in experimenting, here’s a method from which.co.uk for creating your own Sunday Roast in the Clink kitchen- using only a microwave!

Sunday Roast Chicken, microwave style

Happy Eating.


Written by Caitlin (A.K.A. The Indie Butterfly).

Caitlin is a writer, traveller and part-time superhero. Currently living in London, read more of her work on her blog, or stalk her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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