Travelling to the city with friends and stuck for ideas on what to do? We can help! Here’s our pick of the best things to do in Amsterdam as a group …

Visit Foodhallen

Where? Bellamyplein 51, 1053 AT Amsterdam
Why go with your group? Because deciding on a dinner spot to make your whole group happy is no easy task!

When you’re away with a group of friends, one of the hardest things has to be deciding where to go for dinner! That’s why, if you’re visiting Amsterdam as a group, Foodhallen has to be the ultimate choice for lunch or dinner. This buzzy market hall is filled with around 20 street food vendors, with a range of delectable offerings to suit even the fussiest members of your group … Choose from Greek Meze, juicy burgers, wood-fired pizzas and fresh Vietnamese fare from some of Amsterdam’s best kitchens.

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Go cruising

Where? All along Amsterdam’s beautiful canals! 
Why go with your group? Bring together a boat, your best pals, a cheeky tipple and some sweet tunes and you’ve got the best day / evening out!

Forget traipsing around the tourist traps of Amsterdam with your group, the best way to see the city in a fun and leisurely way is by boat! If you’ve got a group member who would be a confident captain then you can hire your own private boat and cruise around that way. There are plenty of boat rental companies to choose from. Sloepdelen is  a good option if you’ve got a big group as their boats can accommodation up to 12 people.  If you’d rather just sit back and relax then there are loads of operators who’ll happily look after you and your group. With their offering of local craft beer and tasty snacks, Pure Boats is one of our favourites.

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Catch a gig

Where? One of Amsterdam’s many music venues 
Why go with your group? For the collective joy of seeing some amazing musical talent live!

Amsterdam is a city full of some incredible music venues, so if you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam as a group, it’s definitely worth having a look to see what acts are playing whilst you’re there. Right next to ClinkNOORD is Tolhuistuin, which attracts a host of stellar indie and folk acts. Check out Melkweg for bigger name acts and Paradiso for an eclectic mix of artists. ClinkNOORD even has its very own venue, ZincBAR, where you can catch acts performing through our Stay & Play programme. There’s plenty to choose from and hopefully you can find an Amsterdam musical experience that your whole group is happy with. After all, what could be better than singing along to your favourite tunes with your best mates?

WINDOW live at ClinkNOORD

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Kayak along the canals

Where? Amsterdam’s canals 
Why go with your group? If you’re an active lot, then this is an amazing way to explore Amsterdam!

If you and your group normally choose an outdoorsy, adventure holiday then this could be a great choice of activity for you. Avoid the crowds of central Amsterdam and book onto a kayak tour of Amsterdam’s waterways. Paddle through the city canals with Zeebard Kayak Tours or head out into the waters of the picturesque Dutch countryside with Wetlands, it’s up to you! Exploring by Kayak is a great group bonding activity and you’ll feel like you’ve had a good old workout too!

Clink Hostels Best Group Activities Amsterdam Kayaking

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Visit an Outdoor Beach

Where? Amsterdam’s canals 
Why go with your group? Because beach holidays don’t just happen in the Med!

Amsterdam might not be the first city that comes to mind when you’re thinking about beach trips with a group of friends. However, there are a surprising amount of places you can head in or around Amsterdam that will sort your group out with a sea, sand (and hopefully!) sun fix. Just a stone’s throw from Clink is PLLEK which has an impressive man made beach on the banks of the IJ river. For Urban swimming, Sloterplas is a lake and beach in Amsterdam Nieuw-West which is the perfect spot for relaxing on a summer’s day. For beach party vibes, just outside the city, head to Bloemendaal aan Zee. With a great selection of cool beach bars and clubs, you and your group can dance into the night in the open air. Find out how to get to Bloemendaal from Amsterdam.

Beaches Amsterdam Best Group Activities Clink Hostels

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Chill in Vondelpark

Where? Vondelpark, Amsterdam 
Why go with your group? Because sometimes, doing nothing is the best thing that you can do with your friends.

Amsterdam is a city full of fun and excitement. When you’re on a group holiday in this busy city, it might feel like it’s all non-stop, rushing from museum to museum (or bar to bar!). Sometimes it’s nice to take an hour or two to slow the pace down, relax and hang out with the people you’re travelling with. Designed by landscape architect, L.D Zocher, Vondelpark is the perfect place to get your chill on. With plenty of greenery and relaxing bodies of water, you’ll be sure to find the perfect spot to hang out with your mates.

Vondelpark Amsterdam Clink Hostels Group Acitvities

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Jump on your bikes!

Where? All over Amsterdam 
Why go with your group? Because two wheels are always better than two feet

Of course, you couldn’t possibly come to Amsterdam with a group of mates without getting on a bike! Make like a local and rent a two-wheeled steed for the duration of your trip. It’s a great way to explore the city like a local – and you’ll cover a lot more ground than you would if you were walking, meaning that you’ll have the chance to explore some of the less touristy parts of the city. If you’re staying with us at ClinkNOORD, look out for details of our Amsterdam Noord bike tour, where you’ll pass by windmills, street art and traditional Dutch houses. It’s totally free, you just need to hire your bike – just ask at reception.

Clink Hostels Amsterdam Noord Bike Tour

Clink Hostels Amsterdam Noord Bike Tour

Hit up a festival

Where? All over the city 
Why go with your group? Because festivals were made for friends!

If you and your group are looking to hit a festival then Amsterdam this is a city that’s got plenty to choose from, apparently hosting over 300 a year! Whether you and your group are into Electronic Music, Classical, Indie, Theatre Performances, Sport or Literature, you’re bound to find something in Amsterdam’s jam packed festival calendar. Some of our favourite festivals include Surfana, Valtifest and Dekmantel. Check out Iamsterdam’s extensive listings to see what else is out there!

Festivals Amsterdam Group Activities

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Visit an Independent Brewery

Where?  Oedipus Brewing, Gedempt Hamerkanaal 85, 1021 KP 
Why go with your group? Because beer and friends go together like fish and chips

Dutch Beer has been quenching the thirst of Holland’s people for a long time time now. From the The Middle Ages until now, the people of Amsterdam have always had a soft spot for the golden grain juice. In fact, in Holland, they drink it like water … In Amsterdam, craft beers such as Dubbel, Tripel, Blond and Pale Ale are having a real moment. Why not visit an independent brewery with your group in Amsterdam and find out more about this long-standing Dutch tradition? (and drink a few beers with your mates!) One of our favourites is Oedipus Brewing in Amsterdam Noord, but there’s plenty to choose from. Check out Awesome Amsterdam’s guide to 10 of the best.

Clink Hostels Amsterdam Group Activities

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Escape from reality!

Where?  VR Gamehouse, Warmoesstraat 155, 1012 JC
Why go with your group? Because sometimes real life just doesn’t cut it

If you’re looking for an out of this world experience whilst you’re in Amsterdam (and we’re not taking about visiting a Coffeeshop! ;) then head to VR Gamehouse where you and your group can play around with some state of the art headsets and games. Even if all your group members aren’t into gaming, this is still a super fun afternoon out that will leave everyone impressed. The space is fairly intimate, so book in advance so you and your group have the best experience.

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