The weather in London is fundamental in the social life, it gives us always something to talk about. People usually are disappointed about the rain or the cold weather, but this exceptional sun and hot weather doesn’t stop anyone from complaining. It is way too hot and no one is prepared for this!

If you are looking for a place to refresh and run away from the hot and crowded tube and buses here are some ideas:

1. The Crouch End Lido consists of two outdoor pools, one for swimming and one for children.

2. If you don’t like the smell of chlorine on your skin and you want to stay in touch with the nature have a swim in the Hampstead Heath ponds. Here you can also choose between the women, men or mixed one. And also, enjoy exceptional views of the city from the very top of the hill!

3. You can also swim in the middle of London with the ducks and swans. I am talking about the Serpentine Lake in the most central park of the city. You can also find here a private sunbathing area and emulate some Olympians there and their swimming.

4. And finally, if you can’t escape the city to the seaside and you fancy a drink you can go to the Camden Beach at the Roundhouse; where you can find sand, deckchairs, ping-pong, ice cream and Margaritas!!! Nothing better to fight against the sun!!!


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