It’s officially Autumn. In London the weather is no longer pretending to be Summer and the nights are drawing in. As it gets colder in the British Capital and we all huddle up in our beds, the crisp days and shortening evenings almost guarantee some beautiful views over London. This is especially true at sunrise or sunset… which you will be awake for come Winter!

The city is a hive of activity- spending time gazing out over the London skyline is a great way to ground yourself, and to remind yourself that you in one the world hubs for culture and commerce. However no matter the time of day or year, here are the Top Places to View London’s Skyline.


Sunrise: Primrose Hill

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Primrose Hill gets a lot of press (it’s even in our Enjoying Solo Travel in London Guide), but that’s simply because it’s one of the best views in London… and it’s free! To really give yourself a positive start to the day, head up the hill just before sunrise (ask your most British friend for the correct time) and watch the sun peek its head above the majestic London skyline.


Mid-Morning: Greenwich Park

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This green space is so delightful that’s actually preserved by city legislation – no one can build anything that would obstruct the skyline view. One of the more delightful places to relax for the day in South London, the view from Greenwich Park truly is extraordinary.


Afternoon: The Shard

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For a day-time view of London that will blow you away, head on over to the Shard and get a spectacular view of the city, where the eye rolls out over 40miles of London and surrounds. You have two choices here. 1) Buy a ticket to The View and look out over London from the 68th and 69th floor, or 2) Pay to enter the Gong bar on the 52nd floor for the same price AND have a beer. Should the weather be foul, you’re tickets will be able to be used on another, sunnier day. The choice is yours.

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Sunset: The London Eye

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This one may be a little obvious, but when you’re onto a winner, you’re onto a winner. The giant ferris wheel that has become a London landmark offers unparalleled 360 degree views over London and the green spaces beyond. There’s few better ways to watch the brilliant orange, purple and grey of a city sunset than by a dusk ride on the London Eye.

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Night Time: The OXO Tower

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Sitting alongside the edge of the Thames is the stylish and luxurious OXO Tower -including restaurant and bar. While the evening may be a bit pricey, if you head up for a incredibly well crafted cocktail after the sun has gone down you’ll find yourself met with a sparkling view, from the Thames across Charing Cross and the city itself. I would recommend the lychee martini to anyone with a sweeter taste, and one of the house craft beers for those looking for a more traditional drink.

Wherever you are in London, remember to take some time to appreciate the view.


Written by Caitlin (A.K.A. The Indie Butterfly).

Caitlin is a writer, traveller and part-time superhero. Currently living in London, read more of her work on her blog, or stalk her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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