Top Amsterdam Street Art Spots 2021

Ahh Amsterdam… the city famous for bustling bikes, cute canal townhouses, beautiful tulips, and the red light district, but did you know Amsterdam is home to some of the best street art in the world? To help you find them, here’s a list of our top Amsterdam street art spots for 2021!

1. De Blauwe Vioolspeler (“The blue violin player”)

“I’m Blue Daba Dee Ba Da Die” ……. Just us? 🤣🤣

This interesting sculpture can be found in the second Marnixplantseon near the Raapoortbrug bridge in Amsterdam and to this day no one knows who the artist is!

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2. The Wall Gallery – “Wake Me Up When I’m Famous”

Located on a popular wall in De Pijp the “Wake Me Up When I’m Famous” mural is usually surrounded by young 20-somethings waiting to get a snap for the gram. More recently, however, locals have made some… erm… changes due to the current pandemic. We do have to agree though, wake us up when corona is over!

3. Space Invaders

Since 1988, a French artist who goes by the name Invader started creating little mosaic Space Invaders and hid them all around the world for people to find. In 1999 Amsterdam was invaded by 26 Space Invaders but unfortunately, only 11 remain due to building works over the last couple of decades. To make finding them harder, a copycat artist called AmsterInvader came along in 2005 and placed 145 new space invaders throughout Amsterdam! Hats off to you if you manage to find the original Invaders!!

(Shh… Don’t tell anyone but you can find them on this map Invader – World (

Space Invader Street Art

Image from

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4. ‘If Walls Could Speak’ Festival

In 2019 The Amsterdam Street Art Foundation organised a street art festival called “If The Walls Could Speak”. Across Amsterdam Oost, a total of 10 murals were created by some of Europe’s finest street artists such as DANK, Studio Giftig, and Julieta XLF.

5. ClinkNOORD

We couldn’t write a street art list without mentioning our very own hostel ClinkNOORD! Why not stay with us and see the amazing murals we have around the hostel? Not to mention the UV galaxy room and the massive stained glass window too!

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6. NDSM Straat Museum

Last on the list, the art sensory overload that is NDSM Straat Museum!
Formerly one of the world’s largest maritime shipyards, NDSM Werf is now the home to the worlds biggest street art museum which displays more than 150 pieces by over 130 artists. The most iconic street art piece is the Anne Frank Mural on the outside of the museum titled “Let Me Be Myself”, created by Eduardo Kobra.

Can street art change the world? Perhaps not, but these top Amsterdam street art spots definitely brighten up a neighbourhood and also highlight important social and community issues to those visiting! They also make great locations for that all-important holiday selfie!

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