Digging through charity shops and second-hand stores isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it’s a great way to get your hands on affordable, unique and retro items to update your wardrobe. Plus it can also help to reduce your carbon footprint – win, win! We’ve rounded up a few of the best spots in Amsterdam for sustainable shopping. Time to grab your tote bags and hunt for some sustainable bargains!

1. Time Machine Vintage

It’s only fair to start this piece with Time Machine Vintage. They are one of the first thrift stores in the city running since 1969, so you know they are truly vintage! It’s also one of those rare thrift stores that are reasonably priced so being sustainable doesn’t have to pinch your pockets. From silk blouses to vintage denims, you’re sure to leave with a bag full of pre-loved goodies!

Where to find us: Nieuwe Hoogstraat 26
1011 HG Amsterdam 


2. Relove Exchange

Your one-stop-shop for everything second hand and sustainable in Amsterdam. From clothes and shoes to crockery and bric-a-brac, Relove Exchange has it all. A lot of the items here have been hand-picked, so there’s no need to spend hours upon rummaging!

Where to find us: Ferdinand Bolstraat 110
1072 LP Amsterdam

3. Lena Fashion Library

Ever heard of a library for clothes? In an effort to fight the overconsumption & overproduction of clothes, the founders of the Fashion Library started a monthly subscription scheme to extend the lifespan of clothes.  The members can borrow clothes and return them in a month’s time or buy it for a 10% discount. Who knew borrowing clothes could be so responsible?

Where to find us: Westerstraat 174h
1015 MP Amsterdam 

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4. Fashion For Good

If you thought Fashion For Good is just a museum – think again! The museum store on the ground floor sells a variety of sustainable brands that sell everything from fish skin purses to recycled polyester clothing. For those on the hunt for a more eco-friendly souvenir Fashion For Good is a must-visit!

Where to find us: Rokin 102
1012 KZ Amsterdam

5. Rumours Vintage

A Clink favourite and one of the most popular thrift stores in Amsterdam, so popular in fact that there are two branches. One just a 15-minute walk from ClinkNOORD and another at  Haarlemmerstraat 99. Each of their stores is full of unique vintage finds that are truly one of a kind. You can shop everything from the funky 60s jewellery to the vibrant 90s jackets and all of it is pre-loved!

Where to find us: Haarlemmerstraat 29
Amsterdam 1013 EM
Haarlemmerstraat 99
Amsterdam 1013 EM

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6. Episode

Episode has recently opened its doors in Amsterdam after the success of its multiple branches around Europe. The store boasts a large collection of vintage sneakers, jackets and jumpers making it ideal for fashionistas. They also pride themselves on their supply chain and makes sure that every item is quality checked – no old smelly clothes here!

Where to find us: Berenstraat 1
1016 GG Amsterdam

7. Kilo Shop

Find – Pay – Weigh! It doesn’t get easier than the Kilo Shop! They like to call themselves the original Kilo Shop of Amsterdam, and we can’t help but agree. It’s not only ecological but economical.  They also personally handpick all their items to make sure they are authentic. So if you’re headed to De Pijp or Waterlooplein, make sure you leave some space in your backpack!

Where to find us: Jodenbreestraat
158 Amsterdam 

8. Thrift Store Amsterdam

Not your average thrift store by any means. It has never been this easy to buy or even sell a secondhand pair of Christian Louboutin than right now, all thanks to the Thrift store Amsterdam!  You don’t even have to go to the store, you can shop their entire collection of secondhand luxury items online, but as we all know shopping in real life and trying on a few bits and bobs is way more fun!

Where to find us: Thrift Shop Albert Cuypstraat 187
1073 BD Amsterdam

9. Bij Ons Vintage

Another popular find with branches all over Amsterdam.  They get new items delivered to the store every day and also have customized upcycled pieces and class vintage items – trendsetters are spoilt for choice at Bij Ons Vintage.

Where to find us:  Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 150 


10.  Mood Indigo

Just across the street from Time Machine Vintage, you’ll find Mood Indigo or as we like to call it – Denim Heaven! The Travellers review it as one of the most promising thrift stores in the city with recycled denim in mint condition at bargain prices.  If you’re looking to get yourself a new winter jacket, take this as a sign from the universe and head over to Mood Indigo – Double denim is so hot right now.

Where to find us: Nieuwe Hoogstraat 8
1011 HE Amsterdam 


11.  Zipper

A family run business in Amsterdam built on their love for everything vintage. They specifically focus on American vintage clothing and pride themselves on having high-quality second-hand clothing. And from one family business to another, we can tell this is something special!

Where to find us: Huidenstraat 7
1016 ER Amsterdam

So there it is, Clink’s top spots to shop sustainably in Amsterdam. We are sure there are many others so if you stumble across any make sure you reach out to us on our Instagram or Facebook!

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