If you’re visiting Amsterdam and love chocolate, then we’ve planned the best day out for you. This article will help you tour the best chocolate shops in Amsterdam. Start the route wherever you like, go forward or backward (or head to whichever places you like the sound of best) – this is just a super easy guideline to help you plan your tour to save time.

1. Urban Cacao

Why go? For luxurious bon-bons, legendary ice cream and some of the best macarons in town
How much? 
££ – £££

A real chocolate lover’s heaven, you’ll find Urban Cacao just ten minutes’ walk from Anne Frank’s House. Make this your first stop and you’ll already have discovered some of the best chocolate in Amsterdam.Take your pick from a tantalising range of delicacies including bon-bons, posh chocolate bars and pastries, all handmade at the back of the shop under the watchful eye of resident chocolatier Hans Mekking.They also do great coffee and hot chocolate with a few seats available to perch on. In the summertime, indulge in one of their legendary ice creams and relish it in the sunshine. The macarons are also a speciality here – you’ll be sure to need more than one …

Urban Cacao,
Rozengracht 200 
1016 NK Amsterdam

Urban Cacao

Image credit: foodretaildesign.nl

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2. Polaberry

Why go? For Instagram-worthy sweet treats that taste just as good as they look
How much? 
££ – £££

Polaberry is a Millennial’s dream – candyfloss pink walls, neon lights and marble counters. Its dreamy interior is hardly a surprise when you learn that it’s been set up by Russian Instagrammer @Polabur (real name Polina) who clearly has an eye for the aesthetically pleasing. Polina’s most famous treats are her strawberries covered in Belgian chocolate which are then delicately decorated to perfection – ready for your Instagram feed (and then your belly!) Polaberry also sells chocolate bars, great coffee and even ‘bouquets’ made out of strawberries and chocolate. We’re also loving the look of the Unicorn ‘cakesicles’ (a cake crossed with a popsicle). Everything is hand decorated so prices do reflect this, but if you’re looking for a sweet gift or just a treat to yourself, this Amsterdam chocolate shop is a proper little gem.

Prinsengracht 232 H
1016 HE Amsterdam

Image credit: facebook.com/polaberryamsterdam

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3. Chocolatl

Why go? For its selection of artisan, single origin bars AND ‘The best drinking chocolate in Amsterdam’
How much? 
££ – £££

Chocolátl describes itself as a kind of ‘chocolate gallery,’ presenting a thoughtful and eclectic selection of artisanal, single origin chocolate bars from some of the world’s best chocolate makers. They also stock premium bonbons by chocolatier extraordinaire Geert Vercruysse and offer a variety of hot drinks. Adil, who runs Chocolátl, is extremely knowledgeable and has a genuine passion for chocolate that he is always keen to share with his customers. You’re welcome to sample what you like and ask as many questions as you want. A sign outside Chocolátl proclaims ‘The best drinking chocolate in Amsterdam’ and we certainly can’t argue with that – rich and thick, made the proper way – you simply have to have one. For those who value good quality chocolate and care about the ethics of the coco beans’ journey, Chocolát is a must visit.

Hazenstraat 25-A
SM Amsterdam


Image credit: urbanadventures.com

4. Chocolaterie Pompadour

Why go? For a well-deserved tea and cake break in a charmingly nostalgic setting
How much?
££ – £££

You’re now well on your way on this grand tour of Amsterdam’s best chocolate stops and are likely in need of a place to rest your feet and refuel with a spot of tea and cake. Pompadour in Amsterdam’s famous 9 Straatjes is the perfect spot. This charming tea room is reminiscent of something you might find on the streets of Paris, with wood panelling dating way back to 1795. Indeed, Pompadour’s cakes and sweets are arguably as good as anything you’d find in France. Nibble on their home-madepralines and pastries, tuck into a side of financiers made with Spanish almonds and beurre noisette and pick up one (or two …) of their Belgian Valrhona chocolate truffles for the road.

Chocolaterie Pompadour
Huidenstraat 12
1016 ES Amsterdam

Chocolaterie Pompadour

Image credit: ruebarue.com

5. Leonadis

Why go? For good value chocs that will make you popular with friends and family
How much? 

Leonadis are a well-known chocolate brand that have many outlets all over the world. If you’re looking for a place to buy some chocolates whilst you’re in the city without breaking the bank, then Leonadis Amsterdam is a good place to head. Specialising in pralines, the brand prides itself on offering luxury chocolates at an affordable price. There’s a few Leonadis shops in Amsterdam but if you’re following our suggested route then their Singel branch is on your way around. Whilst it doesn’t have quite the same charm as some of the independent chocolate shops we’ve mentioned in this article, it does have a good range of chocolates on offer. You can fill a box with a selection of your choosing – something that always goes down well as a present for colleagues or friends and family back home.

Singel 457
1012 WP Amsterdam

Leonadis The Best Chocolate in Amsterdam Clink Hostels

Image credit: weheart.moscow

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6. Puccini Bomboni

Why go? For some of the finest chocolates in town made using only traditional methods
How much?

Puccini Bombini Amsterdam makes its delicious chocolates according to the most traditional methods – no sugar, no fondant, no butter, no junk. As you’d expect, they’re all absolutely delicious. Chocolate lovers venture from near and far to stock up on their favourite treats which feature creative and surprising ingredients such as rhubarb, pepper, tea and calvados. From hazelnut nougats, to chocolate covered almonds and sweet cherries, Puccini Bomboni is truly a chocoholic’s heaven. Prices are not cheap but we’d say it’s worth splashing a bit extra for a chance to visit one of Amsterdam’s best chocolate shops.

Puccini Bomboni
Staalstraat 17
1011 JK Amsterdam

Puccini Bomboni The Best Chocolate in Amsterdam Clink Hostels

7. Cacao & Spice

Why go? For its spicy flavour combos and great selection of speciality chocolates
How much? 

You’ll find Cacao & Spice in The Red Light District which is actually the former harbour district of Amsterdam and the place where the first cocoa and spices arrived into the city all those years ago. As you’d expect, the offering here heavily features interesting chocolate and spice combinations. Tickle your taste buds with chocolate treats laced with pepper, nutmeg or chilli. For those with allergies or specific dietary requirements, Cacao & Spice is definitely worth a visit as they stock a great range of lactose-free chocolate, vegan chocolate, organic chocolate and sugar-free chocolate. With super friendly and knowledgeable staff, delicious fair-trade chocolate and a check-out counter that’s made to look like a huge chocolate bar, Cacao & Spice simply had to be on our list of the best chocolate shops in Amsterdam.

Cacao & Spice
5A Dollebegijnensteeg
1012 HD Amsterdam

Cacao & Spice The Best Chocolate in Amsterdam

Image credit: facebook.com/cacaoandspice

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8. Ganache Amsterdam

Why go? For the lemon-cheesecake truffle, if nothing else …
How much? 

If you weren’t looking for it, Ganache Amsterdam would be easy to miss. Housed in the same building as Oude Kerk (Old Church) down a rather small street, this great Amsterdam chocolate shop is well worth a visit on your tour.The team here are very friendly and the chocolates on offer are varied and reasonably priced. From traditional rolled truffle covered in chocolate shavings to chocolate covered cherry liquors to a delightfully light chocolate mousse cup, you’ll be sure to find something that takes your fancy. We’ve heard the lemon-cheesecake truffle is a real hit too – shaped like a tiny slice of cheesecake, oozing lemon flavour and coated in white chocolate. We’ll take 10 please …

Ganache Amsterdam
Oudekerksplein 17
1012 GX Amsterdam

Ganache Amsterdam The Best chocolate in Amsterdam Clink Hostels

Image credit: trip-planner.barnacles.ie

9. Tony’s Chocolonely Superstore

Why go? To learn about the realities of the chocolate chain and grab some great chocolate
How much? 
£ – ££

Tony’s mission is to ‘make the norm in chocolate 100% slave free.’ You might not think of slavery as a modern-day issue, but due to the uneven distribution of wealth throughout the chocolate chain, the cocoa farmer can often live in poverty, resulting in child labour and modern slavery.

Tony’s are doing great work to open consumers’ eyes to the realities of chocolate production, displaying stories of those in other countries who are all a part of the chocolate chain. Their store is also a whole lot of fun, with bright colours, chatty and knowledgeable staff and wonky shelves. And yes – you can taste whatever you want ;)

Tony’s Chocolate Amsterdam offers great tasting, smooth chocolate and some wacky flavour combinations. It’s well worth picking up a bar or two on your tour.

Tony’s Chocolonely Superstore
Oudebrugsteeg 15
1012 JN Amsterdam

Tonys Chocolate The Best Chosolate In Amsterdam Clink Hostels

Image credit: Yvonne White Photography via facebook.com/TonysChocolonely

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10. ‘t Goede Soet

Why go? For the delightful window displays and a coffee and cake on their sunny terrace
How much? 
££ – £££

‘t Goede Soet has got our hearts all a flutter. This is a super cute little Amsterdam chocolate shop in the heart of the canal ring which has a delectable offering which includes the likes of homemade bonbons, personalised cakes on request and the most delicious salty-and-sweet cookies. ‘t Goede Soet go big with their displays, especially for seasonal holidays (Easter, Autumn, Sinterklass, Christmas etc) since they’re lucky enough to have two large windows as the shop makes up a corner. Wander on by and see what takes your fancy. When the weather is nice it’s a great spot to sit on the terrace in the sunshine and watch the world go by.

't Goede Soet The Best Chocolate in Amsterdam Clink Hostels

Image credit: lisettewoltermckinley.com

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